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Feb 8, 2011
May 9, 2010
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Seattle, WA

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Mexocan, from Seattle, WA

Archie was last seen:
Feb 8, 2011
    1. Ring
    2. BlanixTheBlood
      I think your avatar/signature needs an overhaul.
    3. BlanixTheBlood
      His stomp does 1.2k to my leather wearing witch. And I mean the shock wave.
      I really wouldn't have a problem with him if I just knew what to do to avoid all his attacks.

      Working on guide. Demon section in progress.
    4. BlanixTheBlood
      I think maspan should do an investigation on skasa. I mean srsly, I need to know because it can 1 shot me.
    5. BlanixTheBlood
      You know... We play wes and talk about dfo. But we never party in dfo...
      Help me kill skasa D:
    6. tails360
      needs more goblin throwers throwing goblin throwers throwing gold goblins that throw goblin throwers from their mawneybags
      idk .-.
    7. Greg
      nope they are still pretty bad

    8. Heidi
      I'd have to be paid to go to Skasa. Hate it so much.

      You'd be good at dungeons like brigand, hamelin, and Verd, right?
    9. Heidi
      I mean your Exo btw. I enjoy partying with him on my Viper!
    10. Heidi
      Your pro-ness needs to party with me sometime D:
    11. Nirvanasa
      They both can be played offensively or defensively. And they both are skill spammy.
      But Magic Exos don't suck at PvE. Fucking plate mastery doesn't give MP regen.
    12. Nirvanasa
      They have essentially have the same skills, so why not?
      Cutting Darkness is like NWS.
      Enter Nirvana is like Ghost Orb. ((Kinda.))
      Rising Emblem is like Agni. ((Kinda.))

      Either way, their both very skill spammy.
    13. Nirvanasa
      I would rather play like an Asura, is that possible?
    14. Nirvanasa
      I'm thinking of making one. How are they in dungeons? PvP?
    15. Nirvanasa
      What prompted you to make a magic exo?
    16. Heidi
      lol. I don't mind you saying it. It's true xD

      Imma just ignore him or others if they start up with that anyway.
    17. Heidi
      Was gonna say it in the thread, but decided I'd better not.

      I bet Greg will come express his opinion in my thread xD
    18. BlanixTheBlood
      Hey Archeh, want to play wesnoth in the middle of the day? :o
    19. Ring

      White tiger is troll
    20. Ring
      Real men use anal beads? ew.
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    ~Soon to break my procrastination habit... maybe tomorrow


    Seattle, WA