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Jul 11, 2011
May 10, 2010
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~Derail Master~

Dante9898 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2011
    1. Heidi
      Yeah, Your Freedom still works well :)
    2. geenareeno
      Yeah I don't play it either, what are you playing? I remember when everyone had that as their sig and you were the only one who kept it lol.
    3. geenareeno
      Lol your sig is so old.
    4. Nirvanasa
      Spitfires are gay as fuck.
    5. Ring
      pinche joto
    6. Vibe
      I WAS LIKE
    7. Vibe
    8. BlanixTheBlood
      Conquer the lowest part of the demon army territory to seal the soul binder so theres no more infected. Send kentarou to fight gigai each time so he gains levels.
    9. BlanixTheBlood
      Release 5 commanders at a time from your prison to get happy pokuro.
      Also, kentarou needs to do his adventures around the world to gain levels stupid fast.
      If you play it right you'll get it like me with a level 70 Rance and Level 68 Kentarou.
      Thats honestly all you need to beat anything.
    10. BlanixTheBlood
      Theres more than one way to raise your level you know.
    11. BlanixTheBlood
      lol you know final boss is stronger than orochi.
    12. Heidi
      To maintain a whole bunch of servers at the levels of traffic that high quality open proxy servers would get would not be cheap. If everybody was allowed as much access as they want, the service just wouldn't be as good.

      It costs US$4/ month to get unlimited usage, and it's a bit faster than the free one. Is pretty sad if you think that's bad value. It really isn't. I pay it. You can pay via paypal, and all the time I've gotten it I havn't been let down. The first time paypal reversed it after 2 weeks thinking that it had been somebody else who made the transaction so I contacted your freedom. In the end I got that 2 weeks for free and my next payment just counted towards the next full month. Just being able to get 18(?) hours/ week for free is pretty good. Your Freedom is a VERY good service. I don't think you are appreciating what they do.
    13. Heidi
      It means you're calling it stupid when it isn't...
    14. Heidi
      I would play if it wasn't for the moronic limit in Your Freedom :|
    15. Heidi
      You expect them to pay heaps to keep those servers up and running and not gain anything from it?
    16. Heidi
      The limit isn't that unreasonable.

      I use proxy cap instead of proxifier
    17. FenixStryk
      Us Fenixes gotta stick together. By the way, what is the plural form of Fenix? Fenixes? Fenicies? Fen...
    18. Ring
      I laughed for like 2 minutes straight.
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