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Jul 11, 2011
May 10, 2010
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~Derail Master~

Dante9898 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2011
    1. Ring
      so yeah had to reupload cuz I forgot to include the pvp music and scoria on the .rar lululul
    2. Archie
      Oh, that's even better

      No more getting hit out out of my slides
    3. BlanixTheBlood
      No I just wanted to yell at your face.
    4. BlanixTheBlood
    5. Heidi
      Yes, I can't even get on without DFOCP. They do an IP check right when you click the start button and one when you select the channel. DFOCP bypasses that first one, and the second one seems to not be as good. They might not even have control over it :)
    6. Heidi is letting me on
    7. Ring
      whenevr i get on , been busy these past two days
    8. Ring
      Yeah which is why I want fucking gun guard cancel QQ
    9. Ring
      pve ... umm I only find it use ful at lower lvls with gbl thwoing shit at you , yellow gbl's blast attack, alexes and rolling thunders, and more but you'll have to time it... Im hybrid so I got it and I love it for both pve and pvp
    10. Ring
      exactly , but only for ranged attacks, what it counters the most are thingsl ike fire pillar or grenades that leave the caster vulnerable while doing it, giving you and opening for you to rise shot em or BBQ em...or ven launch em with your own nade lol
    11. Ring
      your mom

      lvl 10 , if you had the SP :p the reduction is hax but really lvl 1 for utility is all you need
    12. Ring
      umm hell mode ... I forgot about the music for it...
    13. Archie
      Lol, I was thinking knight throwing goblins, but I'll go with goblin throwing knights just for the lulz
    14. MasPan
      Yeah, I noticed a few mins later. Yay free stuff, now let's just hope I win a Facebook title.
    15. DeathsSinner
      I like Soul's awakening. Greatest there is! Asura's are hack damage xD There stupid crescents kill me in one hit. Bloody bastards T T
    16. DeathsSinner
      Got 2 spits? o.o Pvp and Pve? And yeah. I'm definitely making one. It's really boring right now since I hit 50 and the only thing to do is either pvp or make money. Neither of which is all that exciting. Plus I really want to throw nades from the sky x3
    17. DeathsSinner
      Lol That'll suck if a sky tower run on hell mode is like a run on King's relic O-O Can you imagine Relic On hell mode haha xD The carnage >:]
      The gay part is, is that i have to randomly unlock hell mode for every dungeon though. =/ It's gonna be a bitch. Btw you making a fem gunner when they come out?
    18. DeathsSinner
      Maybe, but that's not really a big thing for me. I can just buy them with the extra cash I'll be getting from mercing now that hell mode is out.

      That is if it works the way i think it will. :[ 35k for a run on hell mode :P I"LL BE RICH MWUAHAHAA
    19. DeathsSinner
      Thanks! ^^ I got 5 which was awesome, but I was hoping for some tokens P: I need new clothes ;_;
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