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May 3, 2010
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    1. Dice Dragon
      Etymology and usage
      The historical meaning of gender is "things we treat differently because of their inherent differences". It has three common applications in contemporary English. Most commonly, it is applied to the general differences between male and female entities, without any overt assumptions regarding biology or sociology.


      Though to be honest, I am just using it as a trolling device, Because my friends a psycology major, And he had to learn about this stuff, and its pretty apparnt that I have more femine traits then masculine, this makes me Female gender wise.
    2. tails360
      u need moar friends <_<
    3. Soushin
      So do I, hehe.

      Also, I'm having so much fun playing Mafia.
    4. Soushin
      Also means no drama lately.
    5. BMLover
      I moderate the korean forum at dfosource now, keeps me busy.
    6. LHCGreg
      The third most-used search engine query that visitors use to get to SSA is 'vindictus fenixstryk'.
    7. Heidi
    8. Heidi
      I hear you think that I'm just attention seeking by leaving and that I'll be back soon.

      You're a fucking hypocrite, and seriously, I'm just leaving because I want to be successful in life. People that spend time on the internet are only going to get so far. Perhaps you should consider taking a break yourself and spending a bit of time in the real world. Might do you some good.
    9. Heidi
      Hurry up and leave SSA like you promised you would, and it'd probably be best if you never tried to speak to me again.

      Using ignore to get the last word is pretty fucking immature, and tbh you shouldn't have even messaged me in the first place.

      And stop the lying. There are at least 3 times you have lied to me and others about things related to me. When I first met you, I thought you wouldn't be the type to lie. Wow was I wrong.

      1) Nobody complained about me other than cracker who many others have a problem with anyway. No new member complained about me either. The only new member was Sie. He did not complain about me.

      2) You DID leave because of me. You even admitted that to me in that conversation. Why did you tell SSA that wasn't your reason for leaving? I even got an infraction thanks to your lies. Grats?

      3) You told me you were my friend. Like hell you were. I lol at your definition of what a friend is if you still stand by what you said.
    10. Heidi
      How the fuck are you judging me from that? You were the one constantly telling me I couldn't change. I said I wanted to. And then at the end you're like "oh you havn't changed at all" or some shit to that effect.

      And what's this stuff about if I change you'll believe me in over a year? Like hell you'd know, you avoid me anyway. You wouldn't even know what I was doing. Given that you even left #superswordaction because of me. It's nice not getting banned there all the time though.
    11. AiNoMinako
      ........YOUR NOT MIKU-NEE
    12. AiNoMinako

      with a knife.....
    13. Heidi
      What is this? I thought I saw a Fenix is leaving thread.
    14. Heidi
      Heidi is not trying to make Fenix feel guilty.
    15. saccharin
      not so much nens and saders, because nens are backed by a handful of good players.

      they're just not that great tbh. same with saders pre patch.

      monks/wms/rangers/mechs are over-represented, of course.
    16. Heidi
      Human nature made the world we live in a cold sad place. Happiness exists in the realities of some, but not in the reality of the world itself. He or she who can stand up tall and not express the weakness of human emotion but instead remain composed and focussed on what must be done will join the few warriors in this world. Those who seek happiness within their reality will join one majority; and those who let the reality of the world devour them will join another.

      That's what I believe anyway. =)
      Oneday you should tell me how much it contradicts what you believe I guess. *shrugs*

      I have made up my mind what group I shall join.
    17. Soushin
      Sure, maybe with another game, that is.
    18. Faray
      Only if you adopt me first D:
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