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Dec 27, 2010
May 13, 2010
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Gloomy was last seen:
Dec 27, 2010
    1. Soltis
      lol, wtf...

      Well at least this next one prolly be pretty good most likely.
    2. Soltis
      I think I remember hearing something about a replacement, but a brand new model?
    3. Soltis
      Theres alot of baddie summoners in general, and then alot of the like "main" summoners were like the full contractfags and all that.

      In the past couple of months a few of us been really stepping it up over there though.
      Getting the right info out there for people to have solid builds.

      Granted alot of the people who still spam post are retarded, but its been so well ive actually had people make accounts just to contact me or post saying x build was good.
      The lurkers are getting the right info now.

      God knows I wish more than just like 1 person was putting out decent info back when I made my first 2 builds lol :/

      But anyway yeah, been stepping it up over there some of us.
    4. Soltis
      lol ikr everything got way better

      being able to hit OTG is such a godsend - even things like WMs and etc wont get in the way as much if they pin stuff.

      Also all the contracts do more damage pretty much, and although Kasijas got nerfed, he is no longer glitched, so his damage is worth at least 1 lvl in him.

      EDIT:Also rofl so many "full" contract summoners got so butthurt at that wisp vs aquarius thing over at source.
    5. Nirvanasa
      Lol @ dickss
    6. Nirvanasa
      I'm sorry for derailing your thread, but I really don't like that douchebag.
    7. Soltis
      lol too lazy to get into another game atm XD
    8. Soltis
      Ahh, ok :< np np

      If/when you finally do come back, you may be surprised by what you find; dunno if you heard but theyre revamping some of the contract's/tier1 spirits damage abit making it fixed+percent, as well as updating descriptions and priest+witch patch+general classes patch.

      Also that other avatar you had abit ago was cooler :V the one you just had.
    9. Soltis
      Hey~ I know its been awile since you last logged into DFO; apparently though theyre making some backwards event where if by oct13th you HAVENT logged into dfo since like the 15th of sept you get a free avatar token and some other stuff, and also get a chance to win 500k NX or 20k nx 10knx lol

      Basically saying dont login till the 13th lol.
    10. Soltis
      Sounds like youve had some very interesting experiences, off and online, since we last chatted hehe.

      I spend most of my time over at DFOS now so I miss alot out on alot of the drama over here;;
    11. Soltis
      You need to start playing Apate again so we can make cool 4 summoner steamrolling videos.
    12. Ring
      just like karina's vajayjay
    13. Ring
      In the world of SSA, infractions are thrown at everyone, but only suck ups and vaginas do not get as many.

      If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything. Even more infractions.
    14. Soltis
      The most ballerest yo~
    15. Soltis
      The "optimal" quotes?
    16. Soltis
      lol interesting sig
    17. Soltis
    18. Soltis

      Theres always a chance its not as bad as DFO's was XD
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