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Nov 28, 2011
May 8, 2010
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Space Cowboy

Greg was last seen:
Nov 28, 2011
    1. Archie
      I was just curious. I noticed what you were really up to lol.
    2. Heidi
      Forum just seems to be going through a bit of a quiet patch.

      And incase you didn't realise, 2 of the mods use invisible. Those 2 + LHCGreg = 3.

      Also, I've never heard of infractions that a mod didn't give. I guess mr nobody has started giving you infractions. Weird.
    3. Heidi
      I'm sure you'll be proud of the mods now for infracting and banning people that deserve it. Can't complain about them anymore huh?
    4. Archie
      So I take that the mods stopped being "terrible" now rite?
    5. Nirvanasa
      Will you do me a favor and stay the fuck out of any thread I post? Seriously, it would make this forum a lot more enjoyable. And seriously, why won't you just stop being a douche? It shouldn't be that hard.
    6. Ring
      You made my day today.
    7. HellMuT
      Haha, thanks I guess.
    8. Soushin
      No rules have been broken in that thread, except for maybe your post, but it was only borderline to me.

      Don't believe me? Then report the post that you think it violate a rule. State which rule while you're at it. And then see for yourself what the other mods think.
    9. FenixStryk
      Explain to me the significance of the following picture:

    10. Ring
      Also it's very annoying to VM you because you love to appear offline...I have to look up a dam thread you posted on then come to your profile :l I'm adding you.
    11. Ring
      Well dude, in all seriousness and sarcasm aside, I didn't really think the video would cause you to report it, I was mad at the REASON it was warned for "drama" ... :/ when they video was shown to me the first thing I said, "LOL it reminds me of greg , taking the forums srsly" and we were just laughing in skype about that joke, so I decided to post it. I expected somehting like an image macro post from you on the video thread!

      but yeah that reason is bullshit, specially not knowing it had "offended" you.
    12. Ring
      haha man can't you get any mader? It looks like you think I'm mad at YOU.
    13. Ring
    14. Ring
      Do you accept credit cards?
    15. FenixStryk
      +1. Seems like you're the only one that gets it.
    16. Ring
      B> link avatar
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