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Aug 1, 2011
Apr 30, 2010
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Jan 2, 1987 (Age: 37)
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Software develooper

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Code monkey like Fritos, Male, 37

LHCGreg was last seen:
Aug 1, 2011
    1. Tepet
      No problem. It's just the trial. This is just too fun to pirate.

      Did you find your gift? I put it under the second spoiler just in case.
    2. Tepet
      Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with joy, wishes, and fluffy cake! You survived another orbit, you earned it!

      I left you a present in my comipo thread. Hope you get a laugh out of it.
    3. BlanixTheBlood
    4. Heidi

      I just wanted to send out the Secret Santa PM's quickly and go to bed D:
    5. Heidi
      Do we not create enough drama on this forum for you, meaning you have to go get your drama fix "elsewhere"? =(
    6. Heidi
      I made a small program that gets the page. I sent the NPP cookie. One problem though, I'm only getting the data that you get when you havn't logged in. So looks like my next task (that I will do tommorow) is to refactor so that I get that whole cookie container and just shove it in the request and I won't even have to know which cookies it is actually using.

      That'll be better style for my code anyway. I'm actually having to reconstruct the cookie manually and hardcode in the name, path, and domain as all I can get from that method is the value.

      After that I will then work on regex's to get the data I want (firstly "is there items to be claimed, and then "what is there to be claimed?"), then I'll tackle the problem of how to actually claim items, then I'll make my first attempt at putting the back end code into DFOCP, then I'll make my GUI, and then I'll start testing and possibly doing further refactoring. I hope I havn't forgotten anything.
    7. Heidi
      Please don't say something to me then run away, thanks
    8. Heidi
      Did you see on DFOS how somebody has managed to already have an awakened female gunner? o_o
    9. Tepet
      Probably, but I was under the impression that my user page was the party shack.

      The fanart contest was what I was going to ask you about. I'm going to gather up all the "gifts" I've been given ingame and use those and a demonoid invite as the prizes. I'm waay broke right now, so it's the best I can muster. Now I just have to get a nice thought out post to do it with.

      Thanks for letting me try this.:emoticon_thank:
    10. Heidi
      I got the biggest pixie stik I've ever had in my life yesterday :O

      1 cm in diameter, 60 cm long :P
    11. Heidi
      Another Your Freedom user just said that they've suddenly been unable to connect with HTTPS, but HTTP is fine. It seemed like quite a long shot, but I decided to try and switch mine to HTTP rather than HTTPS. It solved the problem.

      Also, I'm starting to think that maybe 18 hours a week is quite enough. When I'm back at university, I could actually get 36 hours a week (18 in apartment, 18 on campus). 2 and a half hours a day on average is quite a bit really. Most people I know do play a lot more than that, but it doesn't mean I need to, and I do have a lot of other things in life as well as just DFO. I guess it'd be reasonable to get it during summer/ winter break but not during the year. That'd mean that I wasn't really wasting money.
    12. Heidi
      Ahhhhh a quick google search of "lambda expressions c sharp" brought up syntax that does indeed look like what scared me last night!

      Grag you're a mind hacker xD

      And uhhh interesting about singletons. I got the impression in my course that they should be used EVERY time that you have a class that there'll only be one of. I know that with design patterns, they can be a disaster if used when they shouldn't be though.
    13. Heidi
      I've been reading through the code for DFOCP. There are some files that I don't need to worry about too much as they're unrelated (And due to your awesome usage of OO, there's really not that many classes that I have to understand). I have a few questions though.

      One is, why isn't DFOLauncher implemented as a singleton? Is it possible to have multiple DFOLauncher's? DFOCP even exits after a failed launch, meaning that there will never be a reason to create more than one launch object, unless I'm missing something.

      And just to be a pain
      Logging.Log.DebugFormat( "A file is not, so not \"broken\"." ); (DfoControlling.FileSwitcher.cs, line 246)
      That's some very strange english there, Grag.

      And uhhh there's some C# syntax somewhere I don't recognise (I think it may be related to delegate functions, though I don't know). I'm going to have a look in my big red C# book tommorow and if I'm still confused (Shouldn't be though hopefully) I'll bug you tommorow about it =)
    14. Heidi
      *thwacks LHCGreg*

      Also, do you have a script for that? I don't get why you would have typed HeidiRose rather than just Heidi if it wasn't a script...
    15. Heidi
      @ IRC PM: Ohhhh ok, I was kinda surprised that my web programming exam was so generous with time (And I was able to take advantage of it to the point that I filled in pretty much every answer, some heavily relying on my notes after I'd done the questions I knew).

      I think I did alright in it, just wish I'd done the AJAX lab that I was supposed to do but hadn't done because I was so busy with other stuff at that time. *still doesn't really know the difference between AJAX and JavaScript* lol.
    16. Heidi
      Eh? Do you not like me making sure you actually noticed them or something?
    17. Heidi
      Could you please move my 2 news threads from general section?

      I probably should have just left them for you to post, lol.
    18. Heidi
      Thanks Grag! I guess you understand the need to make sigs pretty and colourful xD

      After my exam I'll finish my sig I guess :D

      DFOS also has that 5 line rule that makes very little sense. You can still make things a large font or put large images in, so I don't get what they are achieving by saying you can only have up to 5 lines of text. -_-
    19. Soltis
      Just checked - all those descriptions seem to be pre-patch.

      Even though the ones listed ingame currently arent really correct(for everything besides high spirits and king pretty much), things like kasijas's duration increasing with level arent the same anymore I believe.
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    "'How do you fight someone smarter than yourself?' Rand whispered. 'The answer is simple. You make her think that you are sitting down across the table from her, ready to play her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can.'" - The Gathering Storm


    Jan 2, 1987 (Age: 37)
    Home page:
    Software develooper
    Programming, Stepmania (pad and keyboard), DFO