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May 30, 2014
May 8, 2010
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CEO of being Awesome.

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Hyperion, from MA

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May 30, 2014
    1. Ring
      I know, fuck why do you think I told you I love it lol , so strong specially with an axe... I need to get myself some speed avatars.
    2. Ring
      So I made the physical exo and it's currently lvl 25...and I fucking love it :D cant lvl it much since I'm lvling it along with a friend and she's only one sometimes at night :c

      rolling a sader in PP :3
    3. Ring
      Tons of those in the internet.

      Alright thanks man (:
    4. Ring
      y u lurkin ? :(

      made an exo called Golduck with my friend yumi lolol

      going to be physical fo sho, what's a good adv top for physical exos?
    5. Greg
      nice fucking faggot avatar, faggot
    6. 2bninja
      Yo man do you play a magic exo?
    7. Stream
      :/ Not like we can do anything about the current situation anyway.
      Except...Yea. You dont need me to list it to ya.
    8. Stream
      Well I'm going to start acting immature now. Was just in a -shrug- mode for who got choosen for moderators....
      I agree by the way.
      Who knows. Maybe it will be better.
      People change.
    9. Stream
      Whoa. Just read that comment below there. I thought Mr.Fatalize was just being nice too 0.o
      He has been a loyal member since day one y would he get spam warning...
    10. LHCGreg
      Welcoming new members is allowed. Spamming the same message in every welcome thread for postcount++ isn't. If it makes you feel any better, 2bninja got a warning for posting the same welcome image in each welcome thread.
    11. LHCGreg
      Again, if you think someone is spamming, you can bring it up with the moderators, or even with the person in question in a civil manner via PM - not with personal attacks.
    12. LHCGreg
      It was hardly clear that it was an infraction dispute.
    13. Infection
      I'm also concerned with who that girl in your avatar and profile pic is.
      I demand a name.
    14. Junk
      'Sup braw. Team Rocket all the way. (And who's that girl in yer avatar?)
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    CEO of being Awesome.
    I'm awesome.

    DFO and other time sinks.