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Apr 8, 2013
May 3, 2010
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Montreal, Canada

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The Novice, Male, from Montreal, Canada

I love Otherverse... well except for Castle. May 27, 2011

Soushin was last seen:
Apr 8, 2013
    1. Darkstar
      Did you want me to still remove them? I can if you want. I thought I had removed them.
    2. Darkstar
      Huh? I thought you resigned?
    3. Soushin
      I love Otherverse... well except for Castle.
    4. Soushin
      Headache all day long
    5. Bernelli
      well somebody needs to post em, so welp
    6. Ring
      thanks ho
    7. Rawrrr
      I've been avoiding certain people that I can't really block

      Nothing against daddy <3
    8. Salty
      LOL! Noo I didn't receive a friend request from you. I would never reject it.
    9. LHCGreg
      You didn't PM me your songs.
    10. Rawrrr
      Eh I'm not really a fan of them, but they have some decent stuff. Or just that one really.
    11. Rawrrr
      I'd have to whore myself out to sheep though :<
    12. Heidi
      Cool, receieved and recorded in spread sheet :P
    13. Soltis
      lol I almost didnt do it, but then I figured by this point it makes it more recognizable idk.

      On a lighter note too; realized when copy/pasting that Ive never referred to them as "Soltis's" builds before, and I kept the credits to various peps for their inputs in there as well.
    14. Heidi
      Okay, I'll just leave it be then. Thanks =)
    15. gongfuren
      Ah, thank you. I just believe in helping other people out after a story my father told me. The moral was "do something nice for someone and that person will do something nice for someone else. Never let this chain end and if it doesn't exist, start it yourself."
    16. Heidi
      It is time spent that is worrying me a little. Think people will be ok about the fact they levelled a character to 18 for it?
    17. Heidi
      Just incase you didn't see my post, I ninja'ed you by a few seconds in the noob tournament thread :P

      Also, do me a favour and lock the signups thread.
    18. VariousGuy
      movepools n?: A horrible typo made made by a guy of a variable.
    19. Stream
      Very intresting haha.
      I wonder why me.
    20. Stream
      How do you know it was me?!?!/

      Are you sure it wasnt Fenix or Dice lol. They like tetris.
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    Montreal, Canada