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Are you shitting me?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Greg, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Greg Space Cowboy


    I was thinking about just PMing Saccharin or LHC to sort this out, but I think it'd be a better idea to post it here for all to see. Let's talk about it, SSA. It took me a good couple of minutes to figure out how my two visitor messages resulted in being infracted for Drama, but then it hit me: I called Soushin a terrible moderator.

    Where's the line, moderators? At what point does expressing an honest opinion on your moderation cross the line, and transform into causing drama, or trolling? Users shouldn't have to be afraid of critiquing the moderators of SSA; a forum that some browse for hours a day; because of a butthurt moderation team that can't handle the truth without instantly assuming that they're being attacked. It's pathetic, somewhat depressing, and overall, extremely amateur. If a moderator can't handle being called shitty, then that's exactly what they are. Maybe a user wouldn't be forced into called a moderator "terrible" or "amateur" if the moderator in question wasn't the best of both worlds.

    It's one thing if a user calls another user "a terrible poster". It's even more significant if it were said in the middle of a thread. In this scenario, I gave Soushin a blunt and honest opinion on how he's doing his job, and chose to voice this opinion via Profile Wall as opposed to Private Messaging, as devoting a PM to a simple one-line sentence could honestly come off more as trolling than a casual slip-in on one's wall.

    I guess that's it! Thanks for listening, SSA! =^_____^=
  2. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Your picture was mean >:
    I have no comment on this drama though.
  3. Hiroshi dat smirk

    You're doing drama like usual and got infracted for it.

    I'm not seeing the problem.
  4. Heidi Member

    Read my post for what it says, not who posted it.

    ok, I do strongly suspect I know what the post is in question and infact I KNOW which it is It doesn't technically break any SSA rule, but is no doubt a strong canidate for the moderaters discretion infraction. Moderator discretion is moderator discretion. Not Greg discretion. This doesn't at all mean disagreement towards you on the matter itself, it means analysing the rules and the hierarchy of SSA. Again, not saying that I agree with moderation of said post, just saying that people see things different, and the mods are tbh a small representation of the forum but that's... just the way it is and always will be. The other option is democracy on stuff like that. Just... no. It doesn't work. HOWEVER, if you have a problem with a post that doesn't directly break a rule, report it! If enough others do, then that'll no doubt count for something. For what it's worth, I didn't agree at the time, but now I think that post is indeed worthy of an infraction under the moderators discretion and if I was in the mod role of the incident, I would have dropped an infraction or warning on it.

    Greg seems to lack just a wee bit of tactfulness when he has a concern about another person here, in paticular LHCGreg or a moderator. He needs to accept that Greg's way can't always be the way. Derailing of suggestions threads with back and forth conversation between Greg and other members of SSA happens a bit here. There's a point where you have to say "in the bigger scheme of things, does this honestly matter?", that seems to not always be said. Word choice is critial too. "just as bad as the other moderators of the forum" or "shitty moderator". Dat's drama my friend. Perhaps PM'ing Soushin or LHCGreg a well written formal complaint (And formal writing doesn't say that stuff) may have gotten a better outcome. This isn't DFOS, you can't go around constantly calling the admin an "incompetent shit" over and over again and get away with it (ilu Maspan xD)

    This poster isn't the biggest fan of analogies but it seems to be appropriate here. Try walking up to a bunch of policeman. Call them shitty. Verbally abuse them. Tell them they're as bad as all the other policeman. If they ignore you, keep going! You're probably gonna get arrested for disorderly behaviour. You've done something similar here. You got an infraction.

    Meh, Greg, I honestly don't have a problem with you, but just calm down a wee bit. There are things in your personality that I'm sure would be "faults" in your leadership style too. However I've never seen you lead anything so I can't be certain... I think overall you'd be better than average at leadership though.

    Random fact: Studies have shown that no matter what you do, you'll never be able to get on with ~10% of the population because of personality differences. I'd say that in the same way, LHCGreg will be able to please 90% of the forum at most. If my internet wasn't so gay, I'd cite this, but right now I can't. If anybody wants me to I will later I guess.
  5. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I'm not reading that.
    Just saying.
  6. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Some advice: If you don't want to get taken as a troll, tone it down. People are more receptive to civil suggestions than to insults. If you have an issue with an infraction, appeal it. The Suggestion Box isn't the place for that.
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