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Asura General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Slayer' started by Infection, May 9, 2010.

  1. Infection Cool story, bro

    This thread is for Asura discussion. Originally I didn't want to make two threads (since I made the Weaponmaster one) but I had a build issue and wanted to post it here. So I figured, why not make it a GD thread?

  2. Lifeless A Pimp Named Sandor

    While I don't think Indomitable is that bad it's really not a common choice. With wave brand and avatars you can stack some serious casting speed, thus making IS somewhat unneeded. This is looking like a mixed PvP/PvE build, and maxing IS, focus, and Fire wave costs you Wave Radiation (lower cooldown for PvP) as well as Ancient Memory (pretty much just awesome but a mana hog). You don't really need to change this stuff but it's what I usually suggest for people who are looking for a hybrid.

    Also, you want to save some points for at least the active awakening, if not both.
  3. Rawrrr Bitch.

    If this was a hybrid, he would have at the very least Upper Slash cancel.

    Anyway, no QR? And I agree that Wave Radiation should be maxed, that lower cooldown is delicious.
  4. Lifeless A Pimp Named Sandor

    I didn't notice he was missing it, I like upper slash cancel for any slayer build. I was guessing hybrid because I've never seen IS used for PvE, and he's using SS mastery (katana seems to be much more popular in PvP).

    So, I'd say get the upper cancel, QR, and make room for the awakening.

    Something like this.
  5. TheHolyGuy Member

  6. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    Well, the difference with an Asura is that you have a proverbial fuckton of offensive cast moves that can benefit from the super armor. IS can be very viable on a PvP Asura - in fact, it's deadly. It can be a free combo hit if someone's expecting to interrupt you, then finding themself frozen. There is also NOTHING as irritating as super armored NWS (except maybe super armor'd magic missile spam).
  7. Gloomy dicks

    I'm curious as to whether you ran into that yourself or just TFO'd it. Because that combo is an amazing thing.
  8. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    It's scary shit, even if the SA is only brief, it's enough to allow them to actually hit you with the missile. If you're getting combo'd by it, it's really, really hard to counter your way out of it. Makes MM spam Ele/Witch even more impossible to approach.
  9. Gloomy dicks

    Not gonna discuss it since I'm not Saccharin and I feel bad when I plague other forums with Witch chat, but you have given me something to put on my list of things to try (I reset somewhat often)
  10. Prototypical faggot

  11. Lifeless A Pimp Named Sandor

    I do think it's interesting that he didn't Max Spirit Crescent but he did get the passive.
  12. Revelus New Member

    This thread is dead, but there's no reason to make another one so I'm going to reply to it anyway.

    For all of you Asuras that have Wave Manifestation maxed, I learned recently that Level 15 Wave Manifestation Brand is possible. The problem with this, of course, is that it goes up to 3 MP/min.

    10 base + 1 from adv ava top + 1 from blue prominence top + 1 from superalloy goratus pants + 1 from level 40 epic necklace (?) + 1 from spring fever / ultra shock sword

    Even if you can't get the advanced avatar top or the epic necklace, at least pick up a Spring Fever. Use it at the beginning of the dungeon, then switch to your main weapon. It costs almost nothing. Get it.
  13. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    If it's dead, blame the Asura community here :p
    The Soul Bender and Launcher threads are quite active.
  14. conewicci I dun goofed.

    It's because we have two guides, and both have pretty much a complete run down of the skills, so... really not much to ask. :/ Plus there aren't too many Asuras here it seems either.
  15. Zeke New Member

    In response to the post above, how many active asuras do we actually have on this forum?
  16. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    regretfully I have not been playing my asura that much in spite of how much money I spent on him. Partly because I need to level my franger whome I used the summer package on, and partly because my monk is fun as hell.
  17. Zeke New Member

    I think thats the case with most formerly active asuras. They get to 50 and then go on to play another class. For me, I've been leveling my soul bender and my magic exorcist. I'll go back on my asura actively again when the cap is raised.
  18. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Mine is level 47. Your guess is invalid.
  19. Zeke New Member

    I said most but I guess I'm wrong. I tend to see more asuras these days. I guess they've become more popular since OB.
  20. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Yep, lots of people who have no idea what their doing. So many pvp and they just utterly bomb it.

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