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bbcode tags

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by LHCGreg, May 9, 2010.

  1. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Let me know if you have any requests for bbcode tags we don't have.

    Here are the custom bbcode tags currently installed:

    [strike] and - [strike]strikethrough[/strike]

    [spoiler] and [hide] -
    Hidden text

    [table] - Makes tables.

    Basically, [table]column1 | column2 | column3
    next row of column 1 | next row of column 2 | next row of column3[/table]

    You can add certain options by adding stuff in the opening tag. Available options are:
    • head: makes the first row the column headings
    • autonum=1 or autonum=a or autonum=A : Inserts a leftmost column that is automatically numbered.
    • autonumtitle=oneword autonumtitle='long value with spaces' : Defines the title of the autonumbered column
    • width=123px or width=45em or width=67% : Defines the width of the table in pixels, em, or % of the post container.
    At the very beginning of a cell, you can use {colsp=x} to set a column span of x cells.

    Example: [table="head;autonum=1;autonumtitle='a number';width=80%"]Class name | Awakening name
    [COLOR=#ff0000]Spitfire[/COLOR] | Viper
    Ranger | Desperado
    Launcher | Wrecking Ball[/table]

    [table="head;autonum=1;autonumtitle='a number';width=80%"]Class name | Awakening name
    Spitfire | Viper
    Ranger | Desperado
    Launcher | Wrecking Ball[/table]

    And finally, [plain] is a standard tag but few people seem to know about it. You can use it to prevent the forum from treating anything inside as bbcode, like I did with the table example.

    Edited by chiisana: Table tag is no longer applicable :/
  2. Fiel New Member

    Your BBCode tables aren't working quite right - that is assuming that you want them working the same way that SP has them working:

    1. "thead" CSS class doesn't exist
    - Go into Plugin Manager --> table bbcode --> "Parse vBCode table"

    $table_head = '<thead class="thead"><tr><th'.implode('</th><th',$table_head).'</th></tr></thead>';


    $table_head = '<thead class="posthead"><tr><th'.implode('</th><th',$table_head).'</th></tr></thead>';

    2. Add a "center" tag for css classes
    Go to vBulletin options --> BBcode table options --> add the word "center" to CSS classes for both tables and rows
    Do a CSS injection of the following in postbit.css:

    .stg_table_center td
            text-align: center;
    Now you can do...


    Try it on SP if you want to.

    3. Alternating row colors
    The traditional table tag has banded rows. Do another CSS injection of the following in postbit.css:

    .alt1, .alt1Active
    	background: #F5F5FB;
    	color: #000000;
    .alt2, .alt2Active
    	background: #EEEEF7;
    	color: #000000;
    Of course, play with the colors to get it right.
  3. Jon :u

    Kinda random, but could you make an alternate [strike]strike[/strike] tag using [noparse][/noparse]?
  4. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos


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