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Decent PvE Monk build?

Discussion in 'Priest' started by Mark, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Mark Hyperion


    I have not played my Monk in months and I no longer know how to build one. Is there a cookie cutter build out there that will help me along?
  2. Jay Garden of Eden.

  3. Mark Hyperion

    I must be blind.

    Can't find it.
  4. Revelus New Member

    PvE Skeleton: http://oldmanclub.co.cc/asps/act5/m...lilillIIiliililHHHH1lliii!iIiiSiiiQlillIIiiii

    • Second Uppercut 1
    • Technical Mastery M
    • Sacred Counter 1
    • Divine Crush 1
    • Lucky Straight Punch 5c
    • Quick Parry M
    • Machine Gun Jab 5c
    • Twister of Judgment 1
    • Heavenly Combination M
    • Shadow Clone M
    • Hurricane 'n' Roll M
    • Big Bang Punch M

    If you use a certain cube skill a lot and like it, max it. It's rare for anyone to max Shadow Clone and / or HnR though, I'd only recommend doing that if you solo most of the time.

    If you're concerned about the Ancient Dungeons, max Quick Parry and get Twister. The former is great for King's Relic. Quick Parry + Blue Bibles = 100% evasion while you're attacking. The latter is invaluable for the boss room's robots in Vilmark.

    Rest is pretty optional
  5. Mark Hyperion

    I noticed you made no mention of Strike.

    Is that a waste of SP on a Monk?
  6. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    It's not that bad. It's just 180 SP for 5% Hitrate up. Gota be able to fit it in the build. And if you can, you're good. Early on it does become somewhat of an MP eater, but this is ignorable in the later levels.
  7. Revelus New Member

    It's good for PvP, but for PvE it isn't needed anymore. (I personally don't have SP for it anyway)

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