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DNF Extractor Guide (Appearance sprite mod)

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by Ѵ Ø Ł Ʈ, May 25, 2010.

  1. Ѵ Ø Ł Ʈ The Clutch Winner




    - You can now swap a 1 part avatar file with 2 or more parts avatar file by combining the 2 of more parts into one and swap 1 part for 1 part. Refer to Spyyder's guide on how to combine at post #2. (baldness problem from hiding animal avatars will be fixed next)
    - Transparent problem for the dark beamswd and baldness problems from hiding animal avatars are resolved. Read Spyyder's post here for more details.
    - Added a brief description on how the kDNF files should be used at the end of the post. A guide on this will be posted later on.
    - kDNF NPKs files for all classes are added. Find them under Additional Resources at the end of Post #2

    - New English patch by Spyyder.


    This is a client-side modification. It is not a hack but you'll lose "legitimate claims to both [Nexon] tech support and saying that you were unfairly banned." Hence use this AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    That being said, so what risks are we talking about? Let me make this clear. Changing in-game music/BGM is considered as a client modification too.


    Tons of players have changed the BGM in DFO and they're not banned. In fact, when Nexon mistakenly and massively banned a lot of players awhile ago, many people were concerned that they got banned because they changed their BGM. Official Nexon staff Tibaroo posted on Nexon forums that changing BGM is not a "bannable" offence. You will get banned only if you use a 3 party software, or more commonly known as Hacks.

    DNF Extractor is an NPK extractor and what it does is it extracts .npk files. NPK files can be found in your DFO directory. For example: C:\Nexon\DFO\ImagePacks2
    What those npk files contains are a bunch of .jpeg image pictures. Those images are the individual frames of the game's animation.

    So, you can extract the images and change them. For example, I can change the Lvl 20 Neon Swd to look like a Lvl 45 Midles Litcht. Such changes can also be applied to avatars. Only you can see the changes since other player's NPK files are not modified. It is the graphical equivalent of change music (BGM) of the game and is NOT A HACK. It only alters the appearance of the equipment and avatars and does not alter gameplay in anway.

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://download.exrpg.com/Extractor_Suite_setup.rar
    This is the latest version and it is useful until we receive the next major update.

    This is an improved version of translation by Spyyder: http://www.mediafire.com/?nxicnatagto Extract content to DNF Extractor's installation directory.

    Since Nexon is evil enough to give us the Gachapon, a lot of people have used the extractor to alter the looks of their avatars. This works for all classes and you don't even need to have in-game avatars too. Your default costumes are considered as "avatars". The actual character model is naked.

    To do so we need one more thing - The avatar simulator!
    Link:arad avatar simulator

    1) Find out what you're currently wearing.

    The quickest way to find out each part of your avatar is to click on the buttons highlighted in the red box. Once you do that, all the avatars available to that part will be displayed below in icons and you can select what you have right now.


    Below are mine.

    Notice that there is a number to each part of your avatar? Those numbers are important because they are exactly the same numbers in the NPK files in ImagePack2 folder.

    After you found out what you're wearing. Take a screenshot or copy down those numbers. You'll need them!!

    2) Find out what you want to look like

    Repeat the process for part 1) but now select what you want.

    Below are my wanted avatars:

    Again, take a screenshot or copy down the numbers!!

    3) Run DNF Extractor.

    Take my own avatars for example. I will begin by changing my avatar top.

    Step 1:

    Step 2:
    Locate the file you want to edit in ImagePack2 folder in your DFO directory.

    Step 3:
    Hit the big button at the right, highlighted in the red box, to extract the NPK file.

    Step 4:
    Once you extract the NPK file content, you'll be able to see a bunch of IMG files on the left column. These IMG files are labelled by numbers.
    From the avatar simulator, I know my top avatar is numbered 3600. So I will scroll down and select 3600.

    Step 5:
    Right click on the 3600 file and select the first option to confirm this file for swap.

    Step 6:
    Select the avatar top you wanted. Follow the number you got from the avatar simulator. In this case, mine is 3700. Notice there're two parts to the file, 3700a and 3700b. You'll need to swap them accordingly. So swap 3700a with 3600a first and repeat step 4-6 for part b.

    And you're done! Repeat all steps for the next avatar part. Swapping the weapon images are the same.

    In making the swaps, you'll sometimes run into the following two types of problems:

    You'll notice that some of the avatars you want have 2 or more parts (a/b or a/b/c) and what you wear have only part a. In that case, you need to combine the 2 part avatar (a/b) into one part so that you can swap 1 part for 1 part. Details on how to do this will be explained below at 5) How to combine?

    I will explain the other scenario 1st. In the case of your avatar having more parts than the one you swapped with, you need to hide your unswapped avatar parts. For example, you have 1000a/b and you swapped 1000a with 2000a. The 1000b part is still gonna show together with 2000a and it'll look messed up. What you do is simply hide 1000b.

    4) How to Hide?

    Step 1:
    Select the .img file part that you want to hide. Right click on it and press the 4th option from bottom. It's hotkey is (H) which is also labelled next to it.

    Step 2:
    After hiding, you'll notice that your file size is reduced. The game client will detect that and will automatically patch your file so as to restore it to its original size.

    Step 3:
    Use the "fill up" function to fill up the file to it's original size. It is the 3rd option from the bottom, and you can just right click on any files to access the pop up menu. Once you filled up the file to its original size, the numbers will turn back to black and you'll receive a little pop message at the top right hand corner.


    And you're all set.

    5) How to Combine?

    Combine function is the 5th button from the top when you right click on the left column of img files. You will not be able to use it unless you login to DNF Extractor. That means you need an account at exrpg.com (the inventors of DNF Extractor). For your convenience, use this account to login:

    Account name: dfosource
    Pas*****: fuckfuck

    Refer to Spyyder's detailed guide on how to combine. Scroll down to post #2 to view it.
    (Link to the actual page: Post #110)

    The following is my finished look:

    You'll also notice that the barrels are cut in the tavern. I did that myself and if you want it. Download link below. Just paste into DFO/ImagePack2 folder and replace original.

    Lastly, if you messed up your edits and need the original files, Extractor has a Backup folder. A second method, which I prefer, is to simply delete those npk files that you edited and let the game patch them. So whatever you do or mess up, you need not worry.

    There no weapon codes available, you'll just have to explore around by yourself. ;)
    If you have questions post a reply here.
  2. Ѵ Ø Ł Ʈ The Clutch Winner

    Spyyder's guide on how to combine:

    How to combine sprites:

    Step 1: Make an account on EXRPG ¹ã³¡ - Powered by Discuz! (You may use the account I provided above)

    Step 2: Login with your account on DNF Extractor

    Step 3: The good stuff
    First find the new sprite that you want. This priest top looks nice, but its 3 pieces. (3001a/b/c)

    Right click the .img file for the sprite on the left and click the option 5th from the top.

    Right click the next piece of the avatar you want to merge it with(the arms in this case), and click the same option again.

    You'll get this window, you can choose which piece goes on top, and change the transparency. Use common sense to figure out which file goes on top(arms go on top in this case).

    Now do these steps again with the rest of the pieces of the avatar. I had to do it again with the inside bit of the cape, and this is the finished file. Now replace this file with your current avatar and look sexy.

    After you do this, the file size of the NPK won't be right(blue numbers above .img list). If the file size is too large hide some other avatar and then fill the space, if its just too small then just fill the space(explained in volts post).

    Additional resources:

    kDNF Slayer NPKs: Weapons Avatars I Avatars II
    kDNF Fighter NPKs: Weapons Avatars I Avatars II
    kDNF Priest NPKs: Weapons Part 1 Weapons Part 2 Avatars I Avatars II
    kDNF Gunner NPKs Weapons Avatars I Avatars II
    kDNF Mage NPKs Weapons Avatars I Avatars II

    Warning: Do not replace original NPK files with kDNF NPK files. The two have different file size and sever will just patch everything back to it's original size. If you want the kDNF avatars and equips, you need to extract the kDNF NPK content with the same method you would use with regular NPK files in ImagePack2 folder. Once you extract the IMG files from the kDNF NPK files. You have to right click on the IMGs you want and save them at a place (ie. Desktop). After which, extract regular NPK files from ImagePack2 and exchange the IMGs you want to with those saved on your Desktop. [Use the replace function (R) ]I will include a detail guide on this at a later date.
  3. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Just letting you know there is no word limit. You have 3 un-needed posts.
    Also, the weapon files don't work when i try to open them with extractor.
  4. AiNoMinako Poke Poke Poke

    they should work... x_x
  5. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Easy as Pie
  6. Auron Legendary Guardian

    Slayer Weapons Link is broken/gives a "file deleted or doesn't exist" message.

    Other'n that, thanks for the great tutorial.
  7. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Yes I had the same problem. Can someone do something about that?
  8. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    About to run through this, but do I download the English patch link as well?
  9. SpyydeR A Sharp Blunt Object.

    Unless ur fluent in chinese, the english patch would help a lot.
  10. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    I'm having trouble changing the language. I've gone to the language folder and clicked "default" to edit it by taking the English patch and switching it with the current one, but it doesn't seem to work or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

    Edit: Nvm I figured it out.
  11. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    Sorry about the double posting, but I have an issue.

    I can swap files just fine, but when I go inside the game nothing's changed. I've restarted my computer to make sure and checked that the file was full, but nothing.
  12. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Just checking but is the downloadable gunner files also contain the fem gunner files?
  13. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Nope. We have no japanese gunner girl avatars. Can we get those uploaded asap?
  14. Kateya Pro Flame Kicks

    Do you want me to grab files from the japanese one? Cause I have it currently on my pc. I can just grab all the files and make a rar for Fgunners.
  15. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Yes please. Upload them into megaupload or rapidshare for the community plox.
  16. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Female Gunner Files
    Haven't checked the content yet, but Kateya got this link. Hopefully volt remembers to check back here and possibly update his guide.
  17. Auron Legendary Guardian

  18. Beowins New Member

    What are the numbers for the Playoff style avatars? :|
  19. SpyydeR A Sharp Blunt Object.

    They're probably at the very bottom of the list when you open the file. You'll have to look for them.
  20. Beowins New Member

    Apparently I'm retarded. I can't even get it to swap to English.

    edit: This is too much work, the sprites for the necklaces is 1x1, I can't even see what necklace I have to replace. Oh well

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