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General Witch Discussion

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Holypie, May 10, 2010.

  1. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    Come here to discuss witches.
  2. saccharin That one crazy witch

    RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE. You stol'd my thread.
  3. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    Why yes I did. I think post patch will be nice, I'm going to make a cubeless witch.
  4. HellMuT mite b cool

    Ban him from DFO Source. That'll teach him.
  5. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    No seriously, does it matter?
  6. saccharin That one crazy witch

    not really.
  7. Rawrrr Bitch.

    GTFO. Don't you dare ask me for a build.
  8. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. lava/rain tick, and emm spam or something.
  9. GreenTea New Member

    Collider is the best skill in the game XD one meteor dash can make it go boom!
  10. saccharin That one crazy witch

    ITT: we post useless information so that everyone builds their witch wrong, that way they can go through the pain that we all did

    All PvP witches should max magic crit, along with max back attack magic crit. it'll be like a passive death by revolver.

    Florae Collider is best for PvP because it kills people in corners. Also, electrocution.

    Drill is the best move in the game, everyone should max it.

    Gravitas is worthless, no superarmor on casting, and failure will get you killed, don't bother.
  11. GreenTea New Member

    I was PvPing with shiro on my witch.
    I cornered him in the bottom right corner and used collider.

    One quick meteor dash made it go break XD
  12. Drift What? I have a title?

    >Goes to make witch
  13. Rawrrr Bitch.

    For cubeless builds: what sacc said, but also Hodor, Shururu, at least 15 Jacky. Some people max MM as well.
  14. Drift What? I have a title?

    Forgot about those, kthx.

    Also, no brooms. Slower, heavier stuff hits harder.

    ofc, one in every skill for more utility.
  15. Rawrrr Bitch.

    You can stick with brooms if you like. Ofc staffs hit harder, and rods are useful for the faster cast (since you are basically a full cast build), but brooms have the skill boosts, and broom control will always be useful.

    Also some people like to max frost dust since Acid Rain buffs it, but it kinda defeats the purpose of a cubeless build. You can still scrub for mob control though.
  16. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Why Hodor? Aside from stun/spread rocks, I'd feel that the points could be spent better elsewhere.


    Something like that? Max <3Pluto + swatter for the epic summons. max <3Florae for EMM sleepers, max <3jack-o-lantern for successes on jackyl, and sleepers and duration on lava, max <3frost for rain?

    I'm not even sure if lollipop would be necessary.

    and max frost dust for mob control is actually pretty useful from my high 40's observations. Of course, it's useless on a sleeper lava, but it's useful for that stray monster or two.
  17. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Cubeless builds are designed to put as much space between you and mobs as possible. Shururu to keep them in AoE, EMM and MM for ranged spam, and Acid Rain and Lava Pot for the AoE tick damage.

    Btw Jacky is only 15 to attract bosses, ideally you want him to stay alive as long as possible for the M.Def debuff and mob attraction. Not for damage. Thats why Shururu gets priority over Jacky.

    Frost dust would be dangerous to use on aggro'd mobs, and for the Acid Rain debuff you need to be by Jacky, since you use him to keep mobs in the AoE. For stragglers just MM the crap out of them.

    Hodor is an absolute beast when maxed. Tiny CDs, decent damage and stun, and he's an ok tank too. Lollipop is great, it makes sure you sleeper those AoE's. Yay room covered.

    No Pluto at all, the only dark skill you would ever use is Manteau for mob control. Fire and ice befriends are a must, and light befriend makes EMM and MM spam very nice indeed. Swatter means gettting closer, which is bad. Although the summons are epic, Swatter defeats the purpose of a cubeless witch.
  18. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Oh I see, so it's basically setup and then chill out, picking off stragglers with MM.
  19. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Yeah. Lay down Acid Rain, Lava Pot, Jacky, get Hodor out, EMM and MM spam. Very effective solo class, second only to Phys Exos.
  20. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Guess I'm making another witch, this time cubeless build.

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