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Discussion in 'Guides' started by BlanixTheBlood, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair


    Everything in here is based off the information I have gathered from playing every class and observed from other people.
    It will take a long time before this guide is complete, but in the mean time please do your best to support me.

    Table of Contents
    • Where to get started
    • Class Choices
    • Controls and Game Mechanics
    • Walkthrough
    • Steps to PvP
    • The Market Place
    • Monstapedia
    • Thanks and Contributions
    Where to get started
    Sign up for a nexon account.
    Download DFO.
    Install DFO.
    Update DFO.
    Now read everything of my guide right up till the walkthrough.

    Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D side scrolling action and fighting game. Though this kind of game is rather outdated and neglected by the masses, by combining elements from RPG games has made this game fun and interesting for people bored of the point and click system of most online RPGs. Or refreshing to some of the older guys who played original 2D side scrollers. By no means is this comparable to the top of the line graphics from shooters and RPGs you see on your PS3s and Xbox360s, but I hope you can enjoy this kind of game as well.

    DFO - The US/CA version of this game
    kDnF - The original korean version, Dungeon 'n Fighter
    cDnF - The Chinese DnF
    Arad Senki (Arad Hero) - The japanese version of DnF
    TwDnF - Taiwanese DnF.
    DFOS - DFOSource. A largely populated forum run by a guy who doesn't play the game and forgets to pay the bills to keep the site active every few weeks.
    SSA - SuperSwordAction. A somewhat dead forum that is shaped liked an information network.
    DFOP - DFOPlanet. Another rather dead forum that focuses on PvP.
    PvP - Player Vs Player
    PvE - Player Vs Environment
    Mobs - The name for groups of monsters.
    % Damage - Damage that is calculated by your weapon strength.
    Fixed Damage - Damage that has a set number not effected by your weapon attack strength. However it is effected by your Str or Int stat (which your weapon may have).
    AoE - Area of Effect. Basically refers to things that have an effect on team mates or enemies within a certain range.
    DoT - Damage over Time. Refers to skills and effects that do continues damage for a set time.
    Ticks - Another term for DoT.
    Buffs - A skill or ability that enhances a variable of the character intended.
    Hitstun - When a target flinches from getting hit.
    Hit Recovery - The variable that reduces the time it takes to get out of hitstun.
    DPS - Damage Per Second.
    NPC - Non-Player Character. People in towns that you get quests from and trade/sell stuff with.
    APC - Automated Player Character. Enemies or allies that look like players but are computer controlled.
    ASPD - Attack Speed
    CSPD - Casting Speed
    MSPD - Movement Speed
    JSTR - Jump Strength
    Proc - Process. This means effects that have a chance to activate open use of an attack, skill, and getting hit.
    FP - Fatigue Points. Explained in the Game Mechanics and Data section.
    SP - Skill Points. Used to buy skills.
    HP - Hit Points. Your character's life calculated by a number.
    MP - Mana/Magic Points. The calculated number that dictates how often you can use your skills.
    BnB - Bread and Butter. Its essentially the basis of your damage/combos.

    Class Choices
    Once you have everything setup your first choice is to pick from one of the 6 classes to begin the game.
    Though they are described on that very screen, I'll take the time to explain them with more detail.

    The generic demon sword wielding guy.
    He's very simple to play, his advantage as a character is his weapon's reach and melee capabilities. His armor is heavy for good defense and he is the only class that can use guard.
    His sub-classes are as follows.

    Weapon Master (Blade Master)
    Suppressing the demon inside, the Weapon Master has full control of his body.
    An extremely versatile character generally suited towards PvP. They have access to the fastest weapon for slayers, the light saber. But they also have merits for all the other weapons. They are known for being expensive since light sabers can not be bought from NPCs and having to repair and replace multiple weapons also drives up cost. For PvE, it is highly suggested to use a zanbato or light saber with a very funded set of gear for acceptable DPS. They wear light armor giving them more hit recovery and STR.
    Weapons of choice is anything you can equip.
    The awakening of this class is called Grand Master.
    Fynl's Weapon Master Guide
    General Weapon Master Discussion of SSA

    Lost in madness to the demon Kazan, the Berserker gains immeasurable strength and power.
    The best PvE slayer class. Early on they are a bit slow, but come derange they later become faster than weapon masters. Lots of their skills consume HP making them a bit dangerous to play as without a bit of moderation. However being at low health is also beneficial as it increases your str and evasion. They are also known as the 2nd best soloers because of the cockroach method. This is the act of using Die Hard to get their HP above a certain point, then using a fortune coin until it succeeds.
    Their Frenzy skill makes them nigh unstoppable in close combat. They wear heavy armor, but their mastery changes to enhance their total HP.
    Weapons of choice are Great Swords for reach and damage, Bludgeons for Speed and Procs, or Katanas for the best Speed.
    The awakening for this class is called Hell Benter.
    Jay's Berserker Guide
    General Berserker Discussion of SSA

    Soul Bender
    Working together with the demon inside, the Soul Bender makes use of his new dark allies.
    The buff and debuff support slayer, and the only slayer who wears cloth armor. By setting up numerous AoEs and buffs helps to strengthen himself and team mates while weakening enemies so he can approach with little worry of taking damage. Most of the soul bringer's attacking skills are quick X axis movements that let him slip past enemies before they get a chance to retaliate. In higher levels the soul bringer becomes a powerful force dealing high magical damage against severely weakened enemies. Useful agaisn't mobs and a good boss killer.
    Weapons of choice are Katanas usually for casting speed and natural bonuses, or Short Swords for raw magical damage.
    The awakening for this class is called Soul Reaper.
    Soul Bender Discussion of SSA

    Breaking a deal with the demon inside, he has sacrificed his sight for the power of wave. (And yet the game itself says nothing about kazan during job changing quests. GG Nexon.)
    The magical tank of the slayers, wearing plate armor. His job is to deal heavy magic damage to mobs within a close-mid range. Generally this class works best agaisnt launch-able mobs so ice wave can connect and freeze mobs for the slower more powerful attacks afterwards. It is difficult for some to play this class until they grasp the proper concepts of each skill.
    Weapons of choice are usually Short Swords for damage, Katanas for speed, or Great Swords for reach.
    The awakening for this class is called Dark Knight.
    Blanix' Asura Guide to PvP
    Asura General Discussion of SSA

    Female Fighter
    An orphan girl who took up martial arts to avenge her parents, and wears orange tights.
    Though their reach for attacking is small, they make up for it with great movement speed that can get up close before enemies have time to react. Their launching attack super armor has superior reaction time than others, giving the class an edge in close combat, however, also know that the super armor wears off before the hit, thus timing becomes important. They wear light armor that gives them increased hit recovery.
    Sub-Classes are as follows:

    The fighter has taken to path of training her body to its limits and taking on the world with effort and determination.
    One of the only classes that doesn't need to vary their build to spec pvp or pve. They are naturally fast and have many buffs to increase their damage dramatically, and feature a wide array of approaching skills generally suited with super armor. The single dps out of fighters and have over powering physical damage attacks, argued to be the best pve fighter, but lack the ability to control mobs, and get overwhelmed easily in latter dungeons.
    The weapon of choice are boxing gloves, which cannot be obtained from NPCs normally.
    The awakening is called Champion.
    Striker Discussion of SSA

    Nen Master
    A fighter that took the way of strengthening her Chi and enlightenment of the mind.
    The best pve party class, and a sought after party member for their speed buffs and defensive power.
    Though they wear cloth armor to increase their mp regen and casting speed, they have the ability to create force fields to protect allies. Much like the Soul Bringer, they gain powerful attacks with large hit boxes at later levels that make them very strong in soloing. Most all their attacks cause electrocution which is the basis of their damage.
    The weapons of choice are knuckles for higher magic attack and speed, or tonfa for better defense and reach.
    They awaken into Blazing Flowers.
    Stream's Guide to PvP Nen Masters

    Any means is a means to win, a blow to the groin or brick to the face, everything goes in a street fight.
    Brawlers take advantage of unfair play in their fighting style using a large array of status inflicting attacks.
    They are not suited well for approaches, but can chain out long and powerful combos in pvp, and they are well equip for boss killing. In PvE they are considered to have low DPS, but they have skills suited well to gather mobs together making them more efficient than other classes.
    They also wear heavy armor. Though light armor can be more effective for pvp, the higher defense is also very useful.
    The weapon choice are claws, because of a passive mastery, claws do more damage and have better DPS than other weapons.
    Brawlers awaken into Hell Cats.
    Providence's Guide to Brawlers
    Brawler Discussion of SSA

    They took some pills and now they have really strong back bones.
    The grappler is a great pve asset for her high fixed damage and interrupting/holding grabs. They don't cost much to play as they are largely fixed damage, and they are also very easy to play. At higher levels they gain skills including the awakening that gathers mobs together.
    The main drawback is mp consumption, but otherwise the class is extremely beginner friendly.
    The weapons of choice are gauntlets for higher damage, tonfa for speed, and sometimes knuckles for more speed and strangely often have skill boosts for grapplers on them.
    The awakening is called Dervish.
    Grappler Discussion Thread of SSA

    Male Fighter
    Non-existent in DFO.

    Male Gunner
    An alien from Empyrean. Where they have explosives, nukes, and giant robots, but they still prefer a good gun fight to get the job done.
    Though he is the second weakest class and his damage is considerably low, he is fast and has a ranged basic attack. Beginners usually struggle lining the X axis up to attack enemies and don't handle melee well, but after that has been gotten used to its a pretty simple class to play.
    Armor choice is leather which gives you more aspd. (And wearing nothing makes you slower huh?)

    Male Mechanic

    :brofist right:
    Mechanics rarely need to use their gun because their too busy building kamikaze bots. Getting into actually combat is risky with these guys when they only wear cloth and have no defense increasing buffs. Generally hated in PvP, and a good supportive team mate. It takes until about level 25 before a mechanic can shine in pve, the higher level you get, the better they become at dungeons, so don't be discouraged from the early levels.
    Weapon of choice is auto-guns for higher magic damage.
    Mechanic awaken into Machinist.
    Dues' Male Mechanic PvP Guide
    Mechanic General Discussion of SSA

    Male Ranger
    "Show Time"
    That wild west gunslinger boasting deadly slight of hand.
    The ranger specializes in shooting, and kicking stuff. With a trusty revolver, their main damage comes from criticals which gain increased power from the buff Death By Revolver (DbR). Which also means they need a good weapon to boost that damage even more.
    While on the other hand their kicking skills do mostly fixed damage, for those without the cash to fund a good revolver.
    The weapon of choice is easily the Revolver because some ranger skills can only be used with Revolvers, however this weapon tends to be too expensive, thus alternates to a Revolver are Muskets and Hand Cannons.
    Rangers awaken into the Desperado.
    Godo's Multigun Ranger Guide
    Archie's PvE Ranger Guide
    Ranger General Discussion of SSA

    Male Spit Fire
    Geared with ammunition for any job, and explosives for any obstacle.
    The Spitfire is a supportive role in the party, his physical attacks have a lot of stun rate, and his magical attacks inflict freezing and electrocution. Because of all the immobilizing status attacks, a male spit can take advantage of his special ammo and unload on single targets, making this class a great boss killer. He can buff other gunners with his special brand of bullets to add extra damage and hits to any gun related attack.
    The weapon of choice for faster shots and higher damage on single targets are bow-guns and auto-guns, while hitting multiple targets needs weapons with piercing shots which are muskets and hand cannons.
    Spitfires awaken into Vipers.
    Spit Fire General Discussion of SSA

    Male Launcher
    Blowing things up with massive guns. What more could I want?
    Specializing in sub-weapons, separate from your weapon on hand, sub-weapons have a mostly fixed damage attack and are not effected by any form of bullet buff. There is nothing than out ranges a launcher. As a supportive roll, they do well as a form of artillery, doing high damage to mobs from a long distance. Launchers are not so adept at close combat, but have a few options to put enemies back into their main attack zone. Wearing Heavy armor for better protection and str bonuses, some launchers choose to keep wearing leather for the aspd and critical bonuses.
    The weapon of choice are Hand Cannons for optimal raw physical damage.
    The awakening is called Wrecking Ball.
    2bninja's Cancel Launcher Guide
    Archie's Launcher PvE Guide
    Launcher General Discussion of SSA

    Female Gunner
    An elite Empyrean body guard of the princess, who got captured and escaped to Arad from her captors.
    There are some changes between herself and her male counter part, mainly her attacks have more range and faster frame animations (Some moves are slower with more range or faster with less range), while she also does less damage and has weaker defense. The sub-classes have various changes for some skills, and a completely different awakening active and passive.
    Sub-classes are as follows:

    Female Mechanic
    The Queen of the G-Series.
    Arguably the best DPS class available. Her control over in-direct combat and boss killing is very good and easy to learn to play. Like most classes, it takes time before you get the best skills of the class, so be patient until you get to a decently high level.
    The major difference between the genders are males having multiple bot spawns, and females have a stronger g-series with more range. This puts females in a better position for mobs, and males are better for bosses.
    The weapon of choice remains auto-guns.
    The Awakening for this class is called Metal Heart.

    Female Ranger
    If you like girls... and you like guns...
    Female rangers are known to be much faster than their male counterpart, however they lack the same damage males posses. Though some may not be able to enjoy the weak damage of the class, most of the attacks are still percentile, thus a strong weapon will balance it out.
    Unlike other classes, female rangers (and some other female gunners) get much better after awakening. In a female ranger's case, the kicking skills get a large boost of damage and added bleed, with a great active awakening that can be effective for all situations.
    Choice of weapons are a revolver for optimal damage and use of DbR, or muskets and hand cannons as a cheaper substitute.
    This Awakening of this class is called Corsair.

    Female Spit Fire
    Shes a bomber jet, except forget the jet part.
    The key problem with female grenades is that she takes a moment to aim them before she throws, making it difficult to abuse them with the same speed as males do, but a female spitfire has little trouble aiming if the target is straight down. Thus she throws grenades out of the air.
    Her awakening passive gives added electrocution and burn status to her bullets and grenades to boost her damage output.
    Weapons of choice are Muskets or Hand Cannons for mobs, and Bow-Guns or Auto-Guns for single enemies and bosses.
    The Awakening of this class is called Valkyrie.

    Female Launcher
    Bigger is always better.
    A late bloomer when compared to the male launcher, as her attacks do less damage by comparison, but her awakening passive will easily blow males sub-weapon damage out of the water.
    Between all the gunner sub-classes, launchers have the least difference between genders.
    Weapon of choice is Hand Cannons for their raw physical damage.
    The awakening name for this class is called Demolitionist.

    Do you like magic? Here, have a little girl.
    The hardest class to level from pre-advancement, but becomes extremely powerful once a sub-class is chosen. Though they wear cloth armor, this benefits mages greatly with the bonuses from cloth mastery.
    Sub-classes are as follows:

    The simplest way to get work done is to spam everything.
    Elementalists focus on casting very fast to keep the damage going with her spells from a good distance away. After that, they come with good keep away spells during the middle game, and high damage burst spells late game. For greater effect, elementalists have buffs to pull their damage up greatly.
    The weapons of choice are staves or rods for high magic damage.
    The awakening is named Archmage.
    General Elementalist Discussion of SSA

    Battle Mage
    For those of us who prefer to kick ass up close and personal like.
    The most important thing to playing Battle Mages is attack speed. You need it for combos, mobbing, and juggling. With this in mind, you will probably start off pretty slow and the class will seem undesirable and weak. However, as levels are gained, Battle Mages get far more powerful and damaging with ridiculous % values. To make up for the lack of defense, they have mana shield to balance out the damage, and wear leather to gain some aspd and added defense.
    The weapons of choice are Poles for speed, or Spears for damage.
    Battle Mage awakens to the Bellatrix.
    FenixStryk's Battle Mage Guide to PvP
    Battle Mage General Discussion of SSA

    Summon. Afk. Profit!
    It starts out slow and simple, and becomes more complicated as you level.
    As a summoner, one must micromanage her little army to attack and pull back when needed.
    Because of this force she pulls the strings of, her physical defense is pretty unimportant when all the summons take the hits.
    The major problem among summoners is the tight sp requirement for pretty much everything, thus the class has been separated into three build preferences.

    Spirit Summoner:
    These have the most summons of the three, and is the most common among summoners.
    They focus largely on micromanaging their summons around to zerg down enemies one at a time.

    Contract Summoner:
    Contracted summons gain extra benefits when leveled past certain degrees that some spirit summoners take advantage of. Unlike spirits, some of the contracts deal physical damage and sustain the int bonuses into their damage upon summoning as well as last much longer. This makes their dps solid throughout their duration.

    Sacrifice Summoner:
    The sp requirements for Spirit Sacrifice is so high that other summoners don't get the skill. A sacrifice summoner uses her tier 1 summon spirits as fodder for her pentacle and causes them to explode and damage enemies. Often these summoners choose two tier 1s to max with their respective tier 2s for tanking hits.

    Weapons of choice are Staves and Rods for high magic damage. Some contract summoners use Poles or Spears as a secondary weapon when the contracts have been summoned.
    The class awakens into the Gaia.
    GreenTea's PvP Summoner Guide
    Dice Dragon's PvE Summoner Guide
    Summoner's FAQ
    Summoner General Discussion of SSA

    A class that has influenced many players to be obnoxious and catty.
    The jack of all trades, the witch specializes in nothing and everything from mages.
    She has close combat, AoEs of both slow ticks and powerful burst, and summons that pop out of Fly Swatters. Out of the mages, witches are the only one with fixed damage and somehow their weapons also being dirt cheap, making them inexpensive to play and still maintain decent game play.
    Witches can choose between wearing leather armor or cloth armor, leather giving aspd and higher int while cloth gives more cspd.
    Adding to the in-expense, witches have some of the best mp control, if not the best.
    The weapon of choice is the Broom, which can only be used by witches and gives them the ability to fly around.
    The Witch awakens into the Trickster.
    Rheaven's PvE Witch Guide
    Witch General Discussion of SSA

    The manly man in service to god.
    He is the slowest character you can choose from and wears heavy armor, but his various skills make him extremely beginner friendly. The basic X attack combo will get you the necessary aerials and overkills early game, and his slow heal will keep you alive easily. His damage is also considerable and gets easier to use with more levels. Skills like furious grab, and phoenix hammer do fixed damage and will destroy most all mobs in the beginner dungeons.
    Their subclasses are as follows:

    The Exorcist makes use of ancient methods (of brutality) to find and bring evil to justice, where ever it may hide.
    Focusing on using their giant weapon and old Japanese rituals and spell tags. They do more damage to spirits, demons, and undead naturally. This class is separated into 3 types.
    Physical exorcists, which has a high physical damage output and the only class with a melee based AoE.
    Magical exorcists, that use AoEs for immobilizing enemies.
    Hybrid exorcists, a combo of the two generally suited towards PvP. Typically their DPS is lower than the other exorcists, but can be very effective boss killers by locking them down with magic then smashing with physical skills. Physical Exorcists wear heavy armor, Magic and Hybrids wear cloth armor for better casting speed.
    The weapons of choice are Battle Axes(physical/hybrid), Scythes(physical/hybrid), and Rosaries(magical).
    The awakening of this class is called Hyperion.
    Archie's Magic Exorcist Guide to PvE
    Mark's Guide to Exorcists
    Exorcist General Discussion of SSA

    Though he is a man of god, he feels the urge to express himself through beating the living shit out of evil doers.
    Also known as In-Fighter in other versions. He focuses in using his fists with sheer speed and power to take down mobs and players in PvP. Generally they are not well PvE oriented as other classes, but by far have the best mobility of any class. They wear light armor for better hit recovery.
    The weapon of choice is the Totem for a light boost of aspd and decent power with a nice range of procs, Battle Axes for more power and Scythes for speed.
    The awakening of this class is called Templar God Hand.
    Monk General Discussion of SSA

    Tasked with the life of his comrades, the Crusader must protect those in need.
    The tank that protects and heals his party. His role is not meant for dealing damage to the enemies, but to support his team mates with buffs and healing. Alternatively, you have the option to gain skills meant to deal damage and cause heavy hit stun. Typically they are separated into Full Support (FS), and Battle, hybrids are nearly non-existent in our level cap because of the massive amounts of sp needed for prerequisites.

    Full Support, to heal and buff team mates for all your worth. This route means you did not opt yourself with much or any battle skills. They wear the strongest armor in the game, plate, at the cost of some attack speed but gives you int and mp regen which is essential with the massive mp cost of buffs.

    Battle, which invests in damage and hit stun related skills, but he lacks in the buffs that don't strongly effect himself. All the battle crusader skills are based mainly on pinning down enemies to make it easier for yourself and party members to dish more damage, much like a magic exorcist, except the mobs get pushed closer together instead of slowed. Most Battle Saders wear heavy to avoid the ASPD loss, but some wear plate for the high defense.
    The weapons of choice are Crosses/Rosaries(FS), and Scythes(Battle).
    The awakening of this class is called Paladin.
    Crusader General Discussion of SSA

    Non-existant in DFO.



    Controls and Game Mechanics

    Character Selection Screen
    You may own up to 12 characters per account. At the character selection screen, there is a scroll bar on the right side. Though it is highly recommended you only have 2 or 3 characters that you use primarily. Reason for this is having more characters does not gain you more gold per day. Having a higher level character, only one is enough, to gain much larger sums of gold from dungeons and sell higher level items that fetch good prices. More will be explained in the Marketing section.

    The standard control setup are as follows.
    Up - Up Arrow Key
    Down - Down Arrow Key
    Left - Left Arrow Key
    Right - Right Arrow Key
    Basic Attack - X
    Skill - Z
    Skill 2 - Space Bar
    Jump - C
    Hot Key 1 - A
    Hot Key 2 - S
    Hot Key 3 - D
    Hot Key 4 - F
    Hot Key 5 - G
    Hot Key 6 - H
    Pet Skill - V
    Extra Hot Key 1 - F1
    Extra Hot Key 2 - F2
    Extra Hot Key 3 - F3
    Extra Hot Key 4 - F4
    Extra Hot Key 5 - F5
    Extra Hot Key 6 - F6
    Item Hot Key 1 - 1
    Item Hot Key 2 - 2
    Item Hot Key 3 - 3
    Item Hot Key 4 - 4
    Item Hot Key 5 - 5
    Item Hot Key 6 - 6
    Map - N
    Quest Window - Q
    Epic Quest Window - W
    Inventory Window - I
    Avatar Window - U
    Pet Window - Y
    Cash Shop - T
    Auction House - B
    Character Window - M
    Skills Window - K
    Friends/Blocked Window - L
    Guild Window - ;
    Options Window - O
    PvP Channels - P
    Party Organization Window - [
    Skill Description - R
    PvP Skill Description - F7

    This can be edited to your preference with the Hot Key Options window that can be found on the list of options in the bar in the lower middle screen.
    I personally suggest changing G and H to Left Shift and V for better reach of the first skill bar.
    You may also use a controller through a USB port.

    Fatigue points are one of the games good (or bad?) ideas that keep players from wasting their life grinding from level 1 to 60 without rest. You have a total of 159 FP that is replenished at 6 AM PST everyday. 1 FP is one room in a dungeon, therefor a dungeon that has 6 rooms will use 6 FP or less depending on how close the boss room is from your position. Some would argue that this is annoying because they can burn out 159 FP in 2 hours and then they have nothing to do. My comments on that would be to find something better to do or make another character and extend your daily FP usage to 4 hours.

    For this part of the guide I will be using a F gunner and will advance to an F Launcher.
    I will not transfer any gold, quest materials for quests, or gear from other characters nor use friends to help power level me.
    (But I will use some avatar (with irrelivant stats to my class) because I hate the default F gunner look.)
    You can go ahead and do this if you are able, but this guide will be beginner friendly in those aspects.

    Part 1: Don't get lost in the forest 1-16
    Choose a server. They are categorized into East and West which encourages you to play with other plays closer to your connection zone to decrease lag and malfunction in the game.
    The channels are separated for different areas of the game where players gather with each other who look to party in those designated areas. Nexon also gives extra exp to people who run dungeons in the respective servers to encourage that.
    Elvengaurd should be the server you start off with.

    But first you need a character. The easiest class to play is priest, then slayers, fighters, gunners, and lastly mages. The little stat description when you create a character is nonsense. So go back and look over which character interests you more. Don't worry too much about party members, there is a lot of random people you can find by the time your level 14 that will party with you. You should be soloing the first portion of the dungeons, but if you have friends or found someone to level with you through the 1-18 gap, then good on you.

    From here on till part 2 of the walkthrough, everything is going to be in spoon feeding format.

    After a quick little room with 4 or 5 goblins to help you learn your controls, you will be taken to the Seria Hut, the house that is dimensionally distorted to five different entrances.
    If it makes a difference for you, there is a weapon in your inventory when you start that you can equip from the menu brought up by pressing "I".

    Complete the quest automatically finished from saving Seria by clicking the ! near the lower part of the game screen, or pressing "Q" to bring up the quest log and pressing "Done".

    It will now try and get you into some tutorial and bribes you to take them with meager sums of gold and consumable items.
    I will skip these, you don't have to, but I am.

    You can skip through the dialog if you want by closing the text box and accepting/completing the quest from there.

    Press "W" to bring up your epic quest log. These quests are more important than normal quests and give better rewards for completing them. Grab the only one available.

    Walk downward till your outside and talk to Linus via clicking on him. Hes just to your left and hes smoking on a cigarette, you can't miss him.

    He'll give you a quest to go a clear the first dungeon, which is to your right. Just keep walking right till you come to the dungeon select screen and choose the only one available.

    An important point to recap on
    FP (fatigue points) limit how much you can pve per day to 159 rooms. It is ideal to spend as little FP as possible in each dungeon. You may think running more rooms will get you more exp, however this is incorrect and will gain you less exp, gold, and potential items you receive. The more dungeons you complete, the more earnings you will receive rather than doing entire dungeons and reducing the total number of dungeons you run.

    Lorien Forest
    Level: 1~2
    Mobs: Goblin
    Dungeon Notes: Even if your not used to your character yet, this is simple. Just don't stand directly in front of monsters for more than 3 seconds.
    Noob pointers: Just in case you forgot, you can press N to see where the boss is. And if that isn't enough, the door to the boss glows red instead of blue.
    Boss: Goblin Thrower
    Boss Notes
    Get up wave - Yes
    Weakness - Damage
    Not much different than a plain goblin except he throws rocks a decent distance across the X axis.
    He also has a unique power mostly only in possession of bosses that cause a shock wave when they get up. It doesn't hurt you, but knocks you back so you can't abuse get up resets and combo it forever.

    After your done, accept the quest rewards by pressing "Q" and "Done" just like before.
    Now you need to get a few normal quests before you enter into the next dungeon, both are with Linus, so walk back and collect them.

    Now you probably have enough sp to get your first buy-able cancel. Its not a requirement for all the classes, but gunners and priests should definitely get theirs.

    You will need to make sure you don't get hit 12 times and kill 12 goblins. Not 12 goblins and goblin throwers, just 12 goblins.

    Noise Pollution
    The Grand Flores Slayer
    Seria's Ring

    Lorien Hollow
    Level: 2~3
    Mobs: Goblins, Goblin Throwers
    Dungeon Notes: The rocks being thrown might catch new people off guard, just watch your surroundings and you should be fine.
    Noob Pointers: Remember your quest conditions before rushing straight to the boss and make sure you have completed everything you need to before you fight him.
    Boss: Tau Warrior
    Boss Notes
    Get up wave - yes
    Weakness - Hes so slow
    This will be your first enemy with super armor. You can just wait for him to ready an attack, run behind him, and kill him easily.

    I shouldn't need to remind you, but press "Q" and receive quest rewards. It'll be your own responsibility to check that now.

    The last part of the first epic quest will ask you to go talk to Seria. Do that and receive an SP book. These books increase your maximum SP, make sure to use them whenever you have the opportunity.

    Now you have 2 new epics waiting in the "W" menu. One of the two is class dependant, so the NPC it wants you to talk to will be different, but the quest chain itself has the same content.

    Slayers need to talk to G.S.D.
    Fighters talk to Pungjin.
    Gunners of both genders must talk to Kiri, the Lady.
    Mages talk to Sharan.
    And Priests talk to Grandis.
    If you have trouble finding anyone, refer to the map with "N" and scroll over everyone till you find the right name.

    The other epic quest needs you to talk to Pungjin.
    Now the general quests you need to collect are from several NPCs and you need to try and complete all of them at the same time.

    Class Specific Epic - From Trainer NPC
    Violent Tau Beasts - From Pungjin
    Your Life is Precious - From Pungjin
    Speedy as the Wind - From Pungjin
    G.S.D. Mind's Eye Basics - From G.S.D.
    Kiri's Challenge - From Kiri
    Monster Hunting Tips - From Kargon
    Mirkwood Bet - From Manjin

    The time limit bet isn't actually necessary, but it moves your level along faster so just do your best to complete it.

    Level: 3~5
    Mobs: Goblins, Goblin Throwers, Sigaves, Hilgaves, Goblin Chiefs, Tau Warriors
    Dungeon Notes: There are a lot more ranged attackers now, so pay attention to your position.
    Noob Pointers: The little bunkers you find can throw ranged attacks at you from more than just the X axis.
    Boss: Tau Beast
    Boss Notes
    Get up wave - yes
    Weakness - He is slow
    If you didn't get enough tech yet, wait for him to charge up his slam attack, then run behind and attack him for the counters and back attacks.

    If you missed on any of the quests besides the bet and precious life, go back and do it again until it is completed properly.
    But first grab new skills to make the job easier.

    By now you should be level 5. This means you can get new skills from your class trainer.
    For slayers, you should get Neutral Wave Sword, and Thrust. Kazan is optional. Level Upward Slash as high as possible.
    Fighters get Sand Splash, and Suplex. Level Muse uppercut as high as possible.
    Gunners get Gattling Gun, and Silver Bullet. Land Runner is optional. Level Rising Shot and Jack Spike/Marilyn Rose as high as possible.
    Mages get Florea Circle, Dragon Fang, and Panzer Hodor. Ancient Library, Lantern Bomb, and Mana Shield are optional. Level Weapon Uppercut as high as possible.
    Priests get Strike and Lucky Straight Punch. Slow Heal is optional. Level Giant Weapon Launcher as high as possible.

    Now make sure you get the quests.
    Class Specific Epic - From Trainer NPC
    Oh C'mon, Lagarus! - From Pungjin
    G.S.D. Mind's Eye 2 - From G.S.D.
    Speedy As The Wind 2 - From Pungjin
    Monster Hunting Tips 2 - From Kargon
    Kiri's Challenge 2 - From Kiri
    Mirkwood Hollow Bet - From Manjin

    Lorianne of the West Coast can be completed simply by clicking on her, you don't have to do her quests though.
    Her epic quest requires you to have materials from lagarus and a kinoll which can't be obtained until the next area. Don't even bother grabbing it till you have all the necessary materials.

    Mirkwood Hollow
    Level: 4~7
    Mobs: Goblin, Goblin Thrower, Goblin Chief, Goblin Chief Thrower, Sigave, Hilgave, Lugaru.
    Dungeon Notes: You may need to do the dungeon twice to kill enough lugarus.
    Noob Pointers: Killing the boss before killing the lugarus in the boss room does not count the lugarus
    Boss: Kurogaru
    Boss Notes
    Get up wave: No
    Weakness: Light damage
    His attacks cause curse status.
    He isn't a very aggressive boss so you may end up chasing him around a bit. If he latches on to you in his lunging attack he will put on a mask and become more aggressive as well as having a chance to inflict poison if he latches on again.

    Pungjin wants you to talk to Grubeck now. Go find him and grab all the quests. Then talk to Siusha to complete one of them, and then get the epic quest 'Pentacle Repair News' and talk to Sharan.

    Class Specific Epic - From Trainer NPC
    The Albino Goblin Legend - From Grubeck
    Repair Parts - From Sharan
    G.S.D. Mind's Eye 3 - From G.S.D.
    Speedy As The Wind 3 - From Pungjin
    Monster Hunting Tips 3 - From Kargon
    Kiri's Challenge 3 - From Kiri
    Grubeck's Request - From Grubeck
    A Matter of Business - From Grubeck
    Tokens of Retaliation - From Grubeck

    There are more quests you'll still have for this place (all 2 of them) but don't worry, you have to do this dungeon twice anyway.

    Level: 6~9
    Mobs: Goblin, Goblin Chief, Goblin Chief Thrower, Sigave, Flag Sigave, Scaredy-Goblin, Lugaru, Sirogaru, Tau Assaulter
    Dungeon Notes: There are lots of ranged mobs here that are placed together, thus you will want to avoid rushing in from the front often.
    Noob Pointers: When getting hit by barrages of projectiles, the best place to go is up or down.
    Boss: Lightning Kinoll
    Boss Notes:
    Get up wave: Either a lightning bolt over the player's head, or four around himself.
    Weakness: Shadow Damage.
    He can make a line or circle of lightning bolts, and sometimes randomly make a bolt appear over the player's head. The bolts are easy to predict as they have a yellow marker below where they strike.
    Lightning has a chance to proc electricity on players, and his weapon does light damage.
    He himself may act as a goblin chief and command a normal goblin to go kamikaze.

    Grubek wants you to see Seria for a SP book.
    Now go and do Thunderland on Expert Road for your class specific epic quest and whatever you may have missed.
    There is two small buttons under each dungeon area that lets you change roads. You gain Expert from completing normal, masters from completing expert with an A rank, and kings road from completing masters with an S rank.

    Poison Thunderland

    Mirkwood Frost


    Blazing Grakqarak

    Shadow Thunderland

    Part 2 Road to the sky 16-25

    Dragonoid Nest

    Puppet Museum

    Golem Tower

    Vestibule of Darkness

    Floating Castle

    Castellan's Chamber

    Part 3 Cultism and Tentacles 27-38

    Outer Wall

    Dendroid Jungle


    Silver Night

    First Spine

    Second Spine

    Chamber of Blood

    part.4 Dark Elves and Demons 38-

    part.5 Warrior Tribe in the Snow 39-55

    part.6 North of Myre

    part.7 At War with Ancients

    part.8 Land of the Heavens

    Part 9: Step into Hell

    Welcome to Hell. For all your epic gear needs there is a tireless process where you can use many tokens, potions, cubes, and fp working to fight the demons of hell.
    Once your in, you'll have to avoid getting hit 50 times or use a token to reset the counter or else the gate to hell will not open.
    Clear the room with the gate in it.
    Attack the gate slowly with basic attacks to let out the fallen guardians.
    After the guardians are all blacked out, attack the gate again and clear them out once more. But becareful, if you attack the gate again, the demon will come out with all the guardians still alive.
    Attack the gate for the last time to release the demon.
    Pray to god for success and a good drop.

    Blaze: Demon of Fire
    You'll have about half a second to react once he spawns before he begins attacking.
    Information about the demon's power:
    Like all hell demons, it is NOT a good idea to make distance with the demon to take a breather. The second you get far away enough to avoid his attacks is the moment he will start taking over the playing field.
    He emits an aura that constantly damages you and all of his attacks cause burn status. His aura is limited to a duration but can be re-activated with a low damage knock back attack that looks like a burst of fire.
    His close range attacks are very fast and do good damage to even high level players.
    When he isn't right up close, he will cast out a meteor above you that stays on the field and constantly summons adors. These meteors also cause burn status when you are close to them (if there are more than one meteor, the burn damage will stack) and will explode when damaged enough. Or he will shoot out fire balls that can move across the X and Y axis. Not only will the fire balls damage you, but cause burn status and make all the adors summoned kamikaze attack you, which is a dangerous threat to any level character.

    Keys to defeating Blaze:
    First of all, make sure you are using a weapon or skill that does not do fire damage. Do not use Passion Chakra. Do not use a Heavy Sword Red Lotus. Avoid doing fire damage. Though you can still damage his with fire, it will take far longer to defeat him.
    Look for water damage attacks and skills. Cold Chakra is advisable, Jack Frost Flasks, Colt Paterson, ect ect.
    If any meteors are summoned, GET OUT OF THE WAY. Soon after it lands, look to destroy it before it summons any adors, a ranged attack is advisable to avoid getting hurt by the explosion.
    If you failed to destroy the meteor(s) and adors are spawned, try and get rid of those too.
    If you got hit by Blaze's fire ball attack while adors are present, a timer above your head will count down, when it hits 0, the adors around you will explode and probably kill you. You best option to avoid this is to jump or use some sort of crouch frame skill. Alternatively, if Blaze is close enough, you can use a grab on him for invulnerable frames to avoid the adirs. Though getting hit by the Blaze's fire balls will damage you, atleast now the adors are gone.
    Now to get on the offense!
    Most of the hell demons suffer from a single weakness. They do not have damage limits. This means after you knock him down, you can keep him hit stuned and he'll be able to do nothing about it. You have about 0.8 seconds to hit him again before he gets up with a shockwave/fire burst. Because of this, having a party makes it much easier to keep him down. Its highly reccomended to have classes that deal fast and constant attacks to keep him down. (berserkers, weapon masters, battle mages, strikers, brawlers, monks, rangers, and spitfires)
    These classes work very well in conjuction with high burst damage dealers in the back getting their aim and buffs ready while Blaze is being held down. (Asuras, soul bringers, mechanics, launchers, strikers /w powerfist, nen masters, grapplers, exorcists, witches, elementalists)
    Crusaders are also good combined with a fast attacker too enhance his damage and hit rate.
    Summoners can pretty much handle blaze by themselves, but only at higher levels where they can zerg down enemies better with mark the target.
    Or you could use your awakening (if available) to one shot him (or come close to it).
    If your looking to get him to drop a rare item, know that the chances of drops increase with more party members. That said, an unco-ordinated party can still be destroyed by Blaze, so pick your team mates wisely.

    Miasma: Demon of Water
    Arguable the hardest demon to fight solo.
    Information about the demon's power:
    Miasma is known and hated for his bubble attack. Officialy called Water Drop Prison, he tosses a small bubble that floats through the air, and if it touches you, you will become incapable of attacking, moving, or breaking free. Meanwhile Miasma will beat the crap out of you with whatever backup he has summoned. When the duration of the prison ends, you will receive 30% of your maximum hp lost along with whatever damage you took while trapped in the bubble. The only way to break free is to have a team mate break it for you.
    His aura looks like steam is blowing around your feet, being close to it will reduce your aspd and mspd as well as damage you. This can be disapated by a fire or water damage attack.
    He commonly uses his flying blue ball that will chase you around. It does damage and recuded aspd and mspd like his aura. The effects of the balls will stack with itself and the aura. They also can be destroyed by fire or water damage attacks.
    Occationally he will summon up a black cloud that targets any enemy beneath it with lightning, often used in conjuction with Water Drop Prison.
    Lastly, he summons loli succubbus girls that toss spears in an arc across the Y axis, though they don't seem dangerous, they are actually increasing Miasma's HP regen by large amounts and should be dealt with quickly.

    Keys to defeating Miasma:
    Get a party member. Though parties for hellmode are not so simple to organize as normal runs, fighting miasma alone is many times harder rather than with someone to watch your back when you get bubbled. Bring a fire or water damage weapon. Even if its not your main weapon, just swap it out when you get blue spheres chasing you. Having a fire damage main weapon will help alot since Miasma takes more damage from them.
    If he summons any loli demons, take them out asap. The HP regen he gains is almost double and then triple what he has without them.
    If your team mate gets bubbled, don't just ignore it thinking he can mash keys to get out, keep Miasma off him until the bubble breaks by itself. If your team mate dies from being bubbled, who is going to help you when you get bubbled?
    If your fighting Miasma alone, and get bubbled, the only thing you can do to increase survival chances is to use potions and take the damage.
    Like Blaze, Miasma suffers from the same lack of a damage limit, so you can hit stun lock him after a knockdown.
    Characters you will want for fighting Miasma are anyone who can do damage over mid-range distances, preferably those with lots of fire based attacks.
    Classes like Launchers, Physical Exorcists, Spitfires, and Summoners.

    Nightshade: Demon of Earth
    You will have your skills all the way to level 45 before you fight him, so hes quite a bit easier than the last two.
    Information about the demon's power:
    Nightshade is quite a bit less threatening up close. He likes to start up a foundation first. He'll scout around a bit then start planting hellflower seeds. You know hellflowers, the summoner contract monster. Its basically a plant that just sits in place with a good distance melee attack and a far range root attack. They also have a habit of sneezing bugs in the form of a pink cloud that cause confusion and poisen.
    If you leave a fully grown hellflower around too long, they digivolve into loli succubbuses, this time they are immune to light and water damage and their attacks cause immobility. Though you can still attack during immobility, there is likely a lot of hellflowers that will happily stab you to death in your immobile state.
    He may also decide to summon a hellflower instantly rather than plant them, he wont have as many, but it doesn't need to grow first.
    Nightshade himself can cause a root grab attack from any distance that has the same effect as immobilization, but you can destroy the roots by damaging them. Fire damage will cause a little burn on the ground that goes away quickly.
    He also throws something that looks like a big bug that reduces your stats.
    The most deadly thing about Nightshade is definetely his aura. It will reduce your mp regeneration to 0. Most classes will run out of mp before hes taken any serious damage and that gives him space to work on his garden.
    Once you reduce Nightshade's HP by about half, he will summon up THE SUN! The sun wont hurt you but it will increase growth rates from the hellflowers.
    Strangely, his melee also does fire damage.

    Keys to defeating Nightshade:
    Same deal as the first two demons, get a fast hitting party member and wail on him relentlessly. So long as he is grounded, he will do nothing.
    He is comparisively a lot easier to fight than Blaze or Miasma. He doesn't really attack so much as walk around. His hellflowers also take a good amount of time to become loli demons, and can be AoE'd to death long before that happens. The only thing to be aware of is the lolis are immune to light and water damage.
    Other than that, he should go down with an MP pot or two.
    Any class can handle him by themselves. (With the exception of Full Support Crusaders)

    Dark Steel: Demon of the Cosmos

    part.10 Twin Towers

    Steps to PvP

    Why PvP?

    General Tips


    Know your Matchups

    The Market Place

    Auction House

    Personal Shops

    NX Store and Gumball Machine



    Thanks and Contributions
    Thanks to the members of SSA for various spelling corrections.
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