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"How to Spitfire" Thread

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Zext, May 8, 2010.

  1. Zext Vengeful Path of Muskets

    Just in case someone wants to know the fine details about nades and bullets.

    Any Spitfire discussion can go in here.
  2. ArtSlay _________________________

    Best way to get out of nade + xxx + nade + xxx?
  3. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    One way, at least against busters and flashbangs, is to superarmor through the nade.
  4. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    In pvp the most u get is 1 nade per floor scrap and that if u didn't knock down using a nade. You could use Quick rebound but u must time it well with the explosion otherwise u get caught in it. Also a super armor move the instant u get up its fine cuz like i said the nade CD in pvp its annoying as hell.
  5. Archie Mexocan

    I've read that a PvE spitfire could have extra points put into napalm or C-4

    Napalm is pretty straight forward, BOOM goes the charge and you get some nice zoning

    But I've read that C-4 is much better if you know how to use it right.

    So... how would I use C-4 right? So far, I've used it for slowing down and interrupting super-armored nub monsters, mob control, and countering ice wall (lolol).

    Is there anything else?
  6. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Do not SA the moment you get up. When you stand you get a few seconds of invincibility, just move away. Not much time mind, but attacking cancels the invincibility. Wait a while first.
  7. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    That practically it, C4 + Napalm REALLY slow down a enemy giving u some space to breath and rain him with a barrage of bullets. And from my experience a lvl 1 uncharged napalm > Lvl 9 point blank crossmore.
  8. Zext Vengeful Path of Muskets

    No, not quite... c4 and napalm can be used together well for the slow down but, to use c4 right you need at least 3 monsters, and use all 5 bombs, and make sure all of them are together when you do so. this makes c4 deal huuuuge damage, and in bigger mobs, it can handle them by itself.

    And lvl 9 point blank crossmore >>>>> lvl 1 charged napalm, and that's counting the extra field damage. A crossmore at point blank deals about double the damage stated, and with experience, in both PvE and PvP, my crossmore does more damage than napalm. Crossmore is also physical so leather mastery gives it a higher chance to crit(same thing with c4, so it really would deal more damage to max this thing out) while Napalm is magical. Napalm is just more reliable damage.

    Like say, my point blank cross would deal 7k. Napalm 4k. Long range cross would be like, 2k.

    Also c4's attack speed reduction in pvp is lol.
  9. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    I use c4 lately only for bossing, it gives me more chance to counter, but yes the basic idea its plant the 5 charges in a group of mobs and then explode them when they are still in a group. And i find it weird about the crossmore because i did some test with the dummys in the pvp practice and the crossmore deal less dmg than my napalm.

    Edit: Lol forget it lvl 10 crossmore point blank > Lvl 3 charged napalm ¬¬.
  10. Archie Mexocan

    Comparing damages in PvP when we're talking about PvE isn't right, damages are scaled differently and everything.

    Here's an example I know is true for rangers
    In PvE, max windmill > max headshot
    In PvP, max windmill < max headshot
  11. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    Maybe because windmill its %+Fixed while headshot its pure % dmg. Crossmore and Napalm are both % so even in pvp or pve one deal more dmg than the other in both. But yeah its a valid point im just too lazy to hit a mob in PvE for testing + the waste of cubes >.>.
  12. Archie Mexocan

    Now that doesn't explain the 15k crit my launcher did on a summoner with a fully charged laser one day.

    Skills are just tweaked based on how "OP" it would be at arenas, while other skills are "OP" at dungeons.

    Crossmore doesn't do as much damage because only an idiot would stand on a spitfire's napalm =p
  13. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    Im not talking about ACTUAL pvp matches but practice modo with the dummies. And you totally lost me at the OP part X.X
  14. Archie Mexocan

    Same thing, but your opponent is stupider and not properly armored up

    I've done enough playing around with practice dummies to know skills are actually tweaked to PvP stats
  15. Zext Vengeful Path of Muskets

    Just by comparing the skill stats you can tell which one is stronger, pressing f7 changes it between pvp and pve stats ya know...

    The main thing though is that we should get some confirmation on how crossmore's distance to damage bonuses work.

    With that we can determine approx how much damage crossmore is doing based on how far the people are...
  16. Archie Mexocan

    We'll need a computer wiz to get into DFO's coding to know =/

    I know for sure that damage dealing is done on the computer, I can deal damage while lagging haha
  17. HellMuT mite b cool

    Ok, so I want to make a Female Spit whenever they come out. Some people recommend Hand Cannons. Any reason why they would be better the any other guns? And don't link that one vid of that Hand Cannon FemSpit as a reason.
  18. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Not much reason really. IMO females are more focused on magic damage, like bullets and grenades.
  19. Zext Vengeful Path of Muskets

    That link with the Hand Cannon F. Spit was the only reason people were recommending Hand Cannons.

    Since people are quick to copy those ultraprokoreans.
  20. Ring "...that's my role."

    How to spitfire? get a with a high level nen guard <3 spam away bullets.

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