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"How to Spitfire" Thread

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Zext, May 8, 2010.

  1. serneed New Member

    Uh I bet you could if they decided not to tap out of it. Though I don't have the duration on hand I think it's 3ish sec.
  2. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Watch out for auto key-ers. Otherwise that would work and be great.
  3. serneed New Member

    i did it, sorta. i froze him then planted flash mine then punishered. mine went off mid punish and he got up stuned. he was stunned for a very short amount of time. not enough for me to combo off. BUT my mine is only lvl 8.
  4. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Looked over the stats. Max level at 50 cap makes the stun about 2.3 seconds and the chance of stun around 70% ._.
    I'm gona try this with muskets or cannons to increase the damage use of it.
  5. serneed New Member

    let me know how it goes. sounds like it will be effective. and percent chances are misleading in DFO lol. since my ice shot on a lvl 50 should have somwhere around 4% chance and i freeze almost every round of X's
  6. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    I have not reached sub-classlyness but I already devised the plan.
    Though I am torn between using female or male. While in females case I can take advantage of cannons much easier and spriggan combo easily. However punisher lasts a good deal longer and as we all know, female spits are slow shit with grenades.

    Its a cannon spit so I wont be investing in peirce booster or cartridge expansion.
    (thoughts on the build: Kind of want bbq cancel too but not enough sp for it)
    (thoughts on the build: spriggan cancel has left me dry and i cant get enough for neil, any suggestions?)

    My comboing plan is an infinite reset of ice and stun using hand cannons.
  7. serneed New Member

    drop rising to 10. for the combo you spoke of earlier (punish flashmine) i think 10 would suffice. you seem to be going for a juggle build no? what with the 10 jack+cancle. and why would wou want cancel spriggan but not punisher? you swapped steyer for punisher cancle on your fem and i dont really understand why. this build doesnt look female friendly imo. since females throw ground nades slow and you count on them hard. without arial fire your fem would just be a shitty male spit. id also reccomend dropping steep. i wouldnt say it would be useful to you. though this could be because i'm bad at using it...


    thats what i'd reccomend. high flash would be nice to start off the fight untill freeze nades are ready. though the SP works out perfectly to max out buster rather than flash if you so choose it. or hell get that cancel punisher you dropped on your male.
  8. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    This is kinda an old answer but here it is:

    You can stack more than 2 per Spitfire and my theory was correct, Plant enough and you have a standing pole for your amusing :3

    Btw it seems its Ex-c4 the one used for this i really dunno the skill icon its barely visible (Its the one at the left of black rose)
  9. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Cancel spriggan would be a better asset because it hits grounded enemies. The problem with making a fem spit is that i can't airiel fire very well with cannons. I am one of the few people who can make use of a gimpy build. My spit had such a bad build before patch and yet I reached 37 on it.
    Some could say spit is just that easy to use but try saying that when you don't even get backstep. X_x
  10. serneed New Member

    mmmm i see your point there. can you not do "pick up" with cancel punish though? giving it the same utility. i've seen it done lots but i dont have cancel punish so idk how hard it is. i have a fem spit....sorta(lvl 28 and i dont much care for her) so i know what you mean about the cannon arial fire. i simply dont see the point in it since you can only throw one air nade in PvP. muskets have good enough arial movement and can land bullets from in the air, so i beleive them to be a better choice. all preference though i suppose.
  11. Juukes New Member

    This is what i currently use
  12. serneed New Member

    did some thinking and some playing around since i cam up with my previous build. i think this seems to be a most epic freeze build.


    was thinking of maybe indom but i dont really have much to drop for it. plus i shouldnt need it but i find when i get ice shot cancled i'm royally screwed. just thought id throw this out there and see what people thought.
  13. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Actauly I've seen it done too but it appears to need some attack speed and blazing bullet. It may also need an auto over a bowgun to work as well but I can't exactly pull it off for be able to tell.
  14. UNPGriff9 The Gramarye Miracle

    Hmmm something I've though about anyone ever try out secret landrunner on a spit? :landrunner:
    I'm guessing it's too costly to try out, but I'm kinda curious how much it would help out in a PvP build.
    If anything I assume it would be considered just a gimmick build since you would have to sacrifice too much to get it. Unless there is enough SP available with a level 60 cap+SP refunds.
  15. Kelevra New Member

    I've decided to make a male spitfire, but I have no idea how to build it. I've researched it and found a lot of contradictory information. I was wondering what a good PvE build using a bowgun or a musket would look like. Also, which one would be more useful in PvE?
  16. UNPGriff9 The Gramarye Miracle

    Personally for PvE I would rather level napalm or silver bullet than G-14. Napalm for more slowdown and area, silver for damage in many of our late game dungeons.

    For PvE use musket though IMO. I can never say enough that musket + Pierce booster is great in PvE
  17. UNPGriff9 The Gramarye Miracle

    Well I can't argue with that. I don't have a PvE build or have played foreign versions so not sure if bullets would stack up as well by that point. I do think napalm is still a good idea though.
  18. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    G-14 its more of a PvP grenade than PvE with lvl 5 its more than enough cuz the damage isn't that godly either.

    I would recomend having 2 bullets because you spam X more than anyone else.

    About Napalm it isn't that great because the slowdown and tick damage become useless with mobs that Fly above the area (Naias, etc). If you want it use musket and Max it because the tick and explotion damage its Magic % based.
  19. Zext Vengeful Path of Muskets

    Fools look at g-14's damage before you try to say it's weak.

    It's got the most damage per mp, 2nd most damage per nade, huge aoe, and low cooldown, and not to mention the most nades, making it the most damage when all the nades are used.

    It's amazing in PvE. Napalm doesn't really scale that amazingly so leaving it at 1 is fine, you don't need more than one bullet in pve, piercing + blazing is best anyway if you are a male.

    Also, I don't know why AM is included in a pve build... though... I guess you -would- have extra points.. because you should reduce c4 back to 5. It's okay, but really most of the time you are just using it to slow down mobs, and that means unless you time it just right near the end, sometimes you won't even get to detonate it.

    Remember to get one level of black roses... it has mob control, as well as additional (electrocution) damage.
  20. UNPGriff9 The Gramarye Miracle

    Reposting this in hopes of some kind of answer on it.

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