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Mech pvp guide [Troll-free]

Discussion in 'Gunner Guides' started by Deus, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Deus flyingdogg

    :trollface: lets learn how to play mech

    question number 1

    male or female
    female: uses g series and cant abuse double landrunner. higher cooldown on ez8 landrunner and deto
    male: abuse dat double landrunner bitch

    so heres the news: apparently g series gets buffed in pvp, so female mechs get a little less PISS POOR compared to males in pvp. the catch is, male mechs also benefit.

    female mechs belong in the kitchen (dungeon).

    general requirements of mech pvp:

    -stack dat movespeed. the more you get the more skilled you become
    -stack dat cast speed. the more you get the more skilled you become
    -stack dat weapon upgrades. the skilled more the more you become get

    1) don't get hit so people can't abuse your jello-like body (see stack movespeed)
    2) set shit up like the fucking wind so people can't find an opening (see stack cast speed)
    3) do tons of damage to scare people shitless into going offense on you (see weapon upgrades)
    skills mechs need from other classes

    jack spike - yeah you do. level 10 = instant AND fast super armor which can mean either you save 80% of your hp, or you lose 80% of your hp.
    rising shot - 1 or 5 or 10 or something idk. usually used to snipe/pop after bbq/stuff. it actually requires high attack speed to connect properly so you might not be using this as much as you'd like till you get some.
    punisher - 1 or 5+grab. getting the 5+grab also requires high attack speed, because if you shoot fast enough, you can pop them up a little higher otg than when shooting slow, and thus can connect punisher cancel easier. level 1 is sufficient. and also a must. grabs are so good for mechs

    everything else is your own thang. if you want steepslide or mach kick or something build your mech accordingly. they're not must haves imo.

    silver bullet - 0 or 1 or if you crazy, max
    grenade - 1 but recommend max. shits so crazy, you'll be using it FOREVER. and it always does insane damage because it scales with int.

    gat - 1 requirement for bbq - -, also later in game with enough attack speed and when bbq 1 scales down IMMENSELY damagewise, you can do bbq -> upgat for super gtfo action.

    bbq - just get it because every gunner does, and you can set up so much damage from using it.

    ancient memory - cool int, cool damage. can do without even till level 50. 0 or max
    indomitable indoms - as a mech you'll be casting shit your entire life. it sucks when you get interrupted. also in pvp you can attempt more daring detonate combos knowing you'll be in super armor if they try to upward you or something.

    quick rebound

    stuff mechs do in pvp

    detonate: 3 main ways to play this.

    one is to "combo" into it, using landrunner/ez8 then detonating on a downed person.
    two is to snipe with it in neutral game/zoning.
    three is to yomi/set up with tap detonate when they either can't escape or are running towards you with obvious intentions.

    robot collection: basically don't use detonate for a while. let your robots fill up the screen. they provide a lot of room for you. if you keep spamming detonate, the only protection between you and a fighter's athlete's foot is the skin on your ugly face.

    this also can do some retarded burst damage. if you luck out with double landrunner, you can do a 6 landrunner+ez8 detonate on some poor sucker, scarring them for life.

    JUKING: most of the time people can't tell why they somehow manage to run into every landrunner, get hit by every ez8 and fall in between a tempester and viper unable to escape. then they cry and say runners and robot spam

    something you pretty much learn to do on a sub/semi conscious level. running in a certain pattern to lure people to you and at the same time, leading your robots by how they move. you usually need high movespeed to do this, which is why its very important to stack that as a priority. hard to demonstrate without videos. this is a bit harder to do on classes who do the exact same thing (elems/other mechs/pve built witches/possibly launchers?/etc)


    bad mech habits


    oh yes he will, you dumb fuck. this can be useful but only when you know theres no other alternative. otherwise this will leave you insanely vulnerable and predictable if you try to spam it.

    bad habit number 2: detonate EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME

    one thing mechs don't have is mana shield. they're ever so squishy and they'll always be squishy. they rely on combo breaking rude landrunners to get them out of extra damage. if you keep blowing them up, there'll be none left to protect your ass.


    you're already a mech. you're looking for honor now? please you ugly anyway.

    bad habit number 4: too much running, not enough landrunning.

    sometimes i see mechs who i probably scare the SHIT out of so hard that all they do is run around and try to avoid damage as much as they can. they completely forget to use robots due to how fucking scary their opponent is with damage. always remember that you're a bag of jello waiting to get smacked into a delicious snack unless you cast some god damn robots.

    bad habit number 5: panicking just because you took some damage/hubris.

    remember, mech is that kind of class where they trade their time for power. and by time i mean HP/armor. they do retarded amounts of damage but in return, recieve the same amount of retarded damage from the smallest insignificant combos. (zerker catching me in a SINGLE zerker combo = dead or near dead). but that's also the key to their OPenis. if you had a bad start and have 20-30% hp left, don't panic. doesn't mean you've lost. if you play your shit right, you can still win because of the retarded amount of damage you can pull out of your ass.

    at the same time, don't be overconfident if you're off to a great start. you still are piss frail (an elementalist is more durable than you are) and if you try to be macho, you'll very well be paying with your WINRATIO.

    guide incomplete/needs QC.


    guide too long for you? short version here:
    spam landrunner and run XDXDXDXDXDXDDDDD
  2. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Good guide.
  3. saccharin That one crazy witch

    10/10 would read again.
  4. Ring "...that's my role."

    You better finish this guide mang, too prao.
  5. Gloomy dicks

    You want max Rising Shot for OTG Rising > BBQ shenanigans
  6. VanillaBUST Has no custom title D:

    Don't forget to use rolling thunder's thunder blast thingy to fuck up other people's combooooos. And also to kill runners with like 500 hp. o.o
  7. KevinG Tacos.

    This seems awesome. o_o

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