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Post VIII Update DNF Avatar Changing

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by caveman1097, May 2, 2011.

  1. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Hey everyone, quick guide here to help your avatars stay on while you log on. ^_^
    Just gonna have two parts to this.
    1. My reasoning on why this is happening
    2. How to change your avatars.

    Part one: Some thoughts on how this has all started.

    This is just my thoughts, it is not anything concrete

    Since the act VIII update came out people have heard of the new light client background downloader. With this update it seems to make the game faster to play and it does this by setting up checkpoints within your game.
    As you can see above this is a normal avatar from before the update. There is nothing out of the ordinary about it, it is just an avatar. An avatar from before the act VIII update.
    This is an avatar from after the act VIII town invasion update. As you may notice by the bounding box that there are now resource file links which I believe link to the resource files in the "Imagepacks 3" folder to reset the avatar back to normal.
    This is just a piece of what the resources file looks like. I think that the file links from the avatar and to the main server to replace what the file looks like on your computer which creates the problem we seem to be facing at the moment.

    How to change your avatar

    1. Download one of the DNF imagepacks or use a imagepack that you may have backed up from before the act VIII update. Links will be provided for DNF Imagepacks.

    Fighter: <Link1> <Link2>
    Gunner: <Link1> <Link2>
    Female Gunner <Link1> (Uploaded by Kateya)
    Mage: <Link1> <Link2>
    Priest: <Link1> <Link2>
    Slayer: <Link1> <Link2>
    I do not have female gunner avatars yet as these are re uploaded links from the original dnf extractor guide.

    2. Select the avatar you want to use from the back up or DNF imagepack you have and save it to a memorable place.

    3. Find your current avatar then choose the "replace" option and find the avatar to replace your current one.
    (You may have to hide other avatars to make up for the extra space used by your added avatars)

    4. Delete the "resource" files from the "Imagepacks 3" folder
    (You only have to delete the resource files once every time you change your avatars)

    5. Start up the game

    The avatars should be changed and shouldn't change back during game play or even after you log out.

    Video should be below:

    Video Link

    I need the north america DFO imagepack files from before act VIII town invasion.
    Please post up a link to the files if you have them uploaded.

    I'll give this a try when my laptop is done getting fixed. XD

    The link for Mage <Link2> is a gunner avatar.
  4. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Reason why the avatars get changed each patch is pretty much a given if you use the extractor already. And we have a guide on how to use it already by Volt. Though he seems to have only posted it and then run off somewhere.
  5. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Yea, I know about the guide that volt posted for dnf extractor. Thats what got me started on the editing of the sprites I do now ^_^ however the method for going about the editing has changed so I thought I would just post this thread to update it. By the way thanks for noticing the mistake in my link DomoHenry, it should be correct now.

    No problem. Also, is there a possibility to make a fake file for the resources in the "imagepacks3"? I'm just thinking that if we can somehow do that, it might not mess up the avatars from the client back-up thing.
  7. Noob.npk New Member

    slayer link 2 is broken :[
  8. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    ok, it the link is fixed. Thanks for pointing it out ^_^
    Noob.npk likes this.
  9. Noob.npk New Member

    Thanks :)
    np :p
  10. Jonny New

    This is pretty good. If only extractor worked on this computer...

    I'm working on getting the whole ImagePacks2 from my friend that quit DFO a while ago. Hope he didn't deleted it from his old laptop.
  12. Jonny New

    I thought I had some old ImagePacks2 files on my other laptop, but I set XFire to auto-patch. Dang it.
  13. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    caveman1097, I thought you might be interested in knowing that a poster on DFOSource apparently thinks that it was perfectly okay to plagiarize your work and post it without permission. We frown upon such things here, and as such, contacted their staff on your behalf to try and resolve the issue, but they appear to want to look the other direction and act as if it isn't plagiarism unless you yourself contact them about it yourself.

    We the staff wish to apologize that we couldn't resolve it on your behalf, but sadly, the other side of the coin refused to cooperate with us.

    Does anyone know the file name for the NPC sprites?
  15. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    I am not so sure that you can actually change the sprites of NPCs, however you can change the dialog faces.
    Location: ImagePacks2\sprite_interface.NPK and then "npc_dialog_face.img" hope that helps. ^_^
    Hey, big thanks on noticing that. I went over and checked out what was going on and it is like a mad house over there. But overall they seem to find it useful which I think is most important here. I noticed that my thread was quoted as a post over there which isn't technically proper credit however they aren't really getting all the help that we here at SSA are so it seems a bit more fair that way. However, once again thanks for noticing this and telling me about it and keep up the good work. ^_^
  16. megaman10 New Member

    Oh,sorry for not properly crediting him. I thought saying that it was from here and his username in the quote would make people get the message.
    I have properly credited him now.
  17. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Hey, big thanks for a quick reply and change there megaman10. Thumbs up for you ^_^:emoticon_letsgo:
  18. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    I... don't think you quite understand the problem here. It doesn't matter if you "credited him" by just putting his post up as a quote before, as he never gave permission for you to post it in the first place. So no, that was not acceptable in the slightest. And while I see you worked it out with him now, I want to make something perfectly clear. The next time you want to see a guide that's currently only located on SSA posted elsewhere, you either ask the author for permission to post it, or you ask the author to post it themselves, because what you did was not acceptable. At all.

  20. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Thanks there domo for that link, I have added it to the DL list. ^_^
    Getting the avatars from before the town invasion update sounds like a great idea, keep me posted on how that is going if you wouldn't mind. :D

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