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Random hell grind party

Discussion in 'Party Organization' started by ゴド, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    i give up on trying to accommodate my guildmate's sleeping patterns, he can go fuck himself

    this is going to be a somewhat stable party, since we're going for a long term goal here
    so here's the deal
    the requirement for the party is that you have a main who has access to ghent, and an alt that's close to level 57 but not there yet
    i'd explain the reason but then i think all of the pubs will start doing it, which will deflate the value of pinks to hell(hurr no pun intended). if you're interested, mail me at Godo or post in the thread I guess.
    one rule i will say for sure though: the pink drops will have the profit equally divided amongst the party. if you do not want that, then this will not be a party for you.
    post away

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