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Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! v1.3!

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by Ring, May 30, 2010.

  1. Ring "...that's my role."


    Inspired months ago by this social group Castlevania!, by tons of bitching by xxKxx in-game and my extreme addiction to Castlevania games I started working on this slowly, at first just planning then actually implementing these for myself, finaly sharing it with people! I liked the initial feedback for it so it motivated me to keep updating it.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HOW TO INSTALL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1) Download "Music" folder and Updates ( If any ).

    2) Replace your "Music" folder usually located in C:\Nexon\DFO\ with the one you downloaded.


    4) Give me some of your delicious feedback to improve this music pack even more or fix any errors :)

    Note: Do you have WinRar installed on your computer? if u don't then click thisWinrar Download!

    You'll need it to extract my music folder which I put in .rar format, when installed just open the downloaded file and click and drag out the folder/music files out !


    Download Here: Music Folder v1.3! (1/21/2011)

    Update links:
    None yet for version 1.3


    ~ Don't feel like downloading the 295 MBs? Download the demo for a tryout ~

    Music Pack Demo Download: Ring's Demo Music Pack

    This demo will change the following in-game music :
    • Castellan's Chamber
    • Skasa
    • Slums
    • Verderia
    • Bwanga's Camp
    • Hamelin
    • PVP music
    • Hell Mode music
    • All Towns Music

    Here's some videos with more music from my music pack too:

    Note: you might wanna up your BGM bar a little more than the Sound bar specially if you're a soul bender with keiga's after image on...


    Special Thanks :

    Ridureyu - for helping me find some .ogg file names.

    Fellhound, Archie, RunningWild, Salty, SwartzBrudar and the NIGHTMARE Guild for the EXTRA motivation.

    TODhaseo,ChaosEdge, dante9898, Dice Dragon, Wishmaker, Holypie, Lawlercaust for helping me decide on my " HELP ME " threads

    /< - for being a ngr

    Izzy - for distracting me on skype while I was working late night on this :l <3

    Stream - for funding this project with 140m.

    LHC_Greg - for all the infractions :D lolwait wut...

    - for carrying me into New Emperyan Dungeons I couldn't get in yet to test music.

    Cynical - for the suggestion for new Aphelia music.

    TriGalaxy/Sumiyaka - For reminding me some people don't know how-to-WinRar.
  2. Ring "...that's my role."

    Music list/etc

    A bit outdated

    --------Music Pack Song List---------
    You can click on the following for a video preview
    o = is in the Music pack
    x = is not currently in but will most likely be put back in, unless the feedback form you guys says otherwise.

    Elvenguard: When Spirits Sleep ( Castlevania 3 - Evergreen Remix by Goat)

    Hendon Myre: Serenade of the Heart (Order of Ecclesia)

    West Coast: Mortivia Fountain ( Curse of Darkness)

    Aphelia: Voice of the Fallen ( Castlevania 3 - Epitaph Remix by Goat)

    Storm Pass: Hard Won Nobility (Order of Ecclesia)

    Dungeons: Mad Forest ( Castlevania 3 )

    Boss: Swamp of Death (Super Castlevania 4 )

    Dragonoids Nest: Reincarnated Soul (Castlevania Rebirth, remixed from Bloodlines)

    Puppet Museum: Tower of Puppets (Order of Ecclesia)

    Golem Tower
    : Condemned Tower (Dawn of Sorrow)

    Vestibule of Darkness: Aquarius (Castlevania Rebirth, remixed from Castlevania 3)

    <Boss>: Dissonant Courage ( Order of Ecclesia)

    Floating Castle: Eneomaos Machine Tower (Curse of Darkness)

    <Boss>: Crucifix Held Close (Portrait of Ruin)

    Castellan's Chamber: Top Floor (Aria of Sorrow, fan remastered) <3333

    <Boss>: Insane Aristocracy

    Outer Wall/Dendroid Jungle: An Empty Tome (Order of Ecclesia, Shanoa's Theme arragement)

    Purgatorium/Silver Night: Ebony Wings (Order of Ecclesia) <3333

    <boss>:Equisse of Violence

    1st/2nd Spines: The Colossus (Order of Ecclesia) Fucking love the bass in the background!

    <Boss>: Insane Aristocracy

    Blood Chamber: Blood Soaked Toccata (Curse of Darkness)

    <Boss>: Sorrow's Distortion (Order of Ecclesia) The best and most sad Character Theme in Castlevania.

    Arad/Lab/Hatchery: Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab (Lament of Innocence)

    <Arad Boss> Into the Dark Night Headbang*

    <Lab/Hatch Boss> Visitor in the Silk Hat

    Odessa: Iron Blue Intention (Portrait of Ruin version)

    <Boss>: Crucifix Held Close (Portrait of Ruin)

    Verderia: Emerald Mist (Order of Ecclesia)

    <Boss> Order of Ecclesia Boss Theme (better quality in-game)

    Ridge/Frostfield/Ryku(outside): Pitch Black Intrusion

    Ryku(Cave): The Cave ( Super Castlevania 4)

    <boss> Festival of Servants (Symphony of the Night)

    Bwanga's Camp: Heart of Fire ( Aria of Sorrow, Fan Remastered)

    <boss> Belmont The Legend (Curse of Darkness) FUCKING AWESOME!

    Frozenheart:protect the Espers! (FFIII/VI OST)

    Shallow/Spider: Nefarious (Castlevania 3 - Aquarius Remix by Goat)

    Catacombs: Beginning/Dreams of Triumph ( Dracula X SNES Version) <333

    <boss> Dracula X Boss Theme

    Scoria Core: Divine Bloodlines (Richter Belmont Theme Arrangement) <333

    <Boss>: Insane Aristocracy

    Labyrinth of Shadows: Gaze up at the Darkness (Portrait of Ruin)

    <boss> Festival of Servants (Symphony of the Night)

    King's Relic: Crucifix Held Close (Portrait of Ruin)

    <Boss>: Insane Aristocracy

    Vilmark: Cordova Town (Curse of Darkness)

    <boss>: Piercing Silence (Portrait of Ruin) Fuuuu it's deth :c

    Pvp1: Lone Challenger (Order of Ecclesia)

    Pvp2: Scarlett Battle Soul (Dawn of Sorrow)

    Character Select: Enter the Killer ( Castlevania 3 - Prelude Remix by Goat)

    Seria Gate: Ricercare (Order of Ecclesia) Do one last thing for me... Smile for me ... ah! Beautiful ...

    Hell Mode: Dance of Illusions (arrangement)

    Tavern: Shadow's Theme ( FF III/VI OST)

    Tavern Dungeon: Johnny Bad C. ( FF III/VI OST remade by S.H.H.)

    <boss> Battle to the Death

    Note: you might wanna up your BGM bar a little more than the Sound bar specially if you;re a soul bender with keiga's after image on...

    Also most of the BGM's listed were edited to fit/loop better in game :)
  3. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    I Like my tribute.

    And you should post this on All forums for castlevinia( I cant spell ) fanss!
  4. Fellhound Regret

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    TOP FLOOR!!!
  5. Wishmaker Meow

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    I havent logged on in forever but I may try these sometime, nice job
    Now I may have to make a Touhou soundpack sometime..maybe.
  6. Fellhound Regret

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    I mentioned this in game earlier:

    Blood Chamber music should be Bloody Tears... the connection is obvious. (Well, to me anyway...)

    Gaze up into Darkness needs to be somewhere... Purgatorium? Vestibule of Darkness? Shadow Labyrinth?
  7. /< Tetra Grammaton Cleric

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)


    gonna download it at home

    You don't have to
    Just put the list in spoiler tags :>
  8. Ring "...that's my role."

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    im going to test it on lab since I repeated 1st/2nd spine at lab ... i was going for an aranged version of "Night" for lab!

    do eet


    You steal men's pvp wins and make them your guildies :c
    lulkngr by that time I'm making sum updates maybe
  9. Fellhound Regret

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    omfg too much epics.
  10. Dice Dragon Level 46 Manzer Brodor

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    oh hay, where is my heart? I distracted you on skype too.
  11. AiNoMinako Poke Poke Poke

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    Ne ne u have to include me for saying this "ur really a castlevania maniac on the inside arnt u"
  12. Ring "...that's my role."

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    :l you never wanna talk in skype faggot

    but ur not ngr

    looks like epople whisper me/tell me suggestions in game instead of posting em here -facepalm- testing suggestions today.
  13. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    I'd suggest srw music but then its not castlevania o_o
  14. Ring "...that's my role."

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)


    anyways a chigger offered me this for Blood Chamber

  15. Fellhound Regret

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    I think you should go with it.
  16. Auron Legendary Guardian

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    Needs more Heart of Fire.

    But as a Castlevania fan, it's nice playing through stages with the nostalgic twist.
  17. Kateya Pro Flame Kicks

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

  18. Ring "...that's my role."

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    uploading the updates tomorrow

    Heart of fire is gonan be for a boss in Storm pass :) you can probably guess who

    Lol enjoy , updates coming soon
  19. Kateya Pro Flame Kicks

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    GOD DAMN HURRY UP MAN I NEED SOME TOWN MUSIC! Plus i made a video with your music in it =]!

  20. /< Tetra Grammaton Cleric

    Ring's Castlevania Music Pack! (beta)

    Yeah I'm farming FC only lately

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