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Stat growth for each subclass

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics and Data' started by LHCGreg, May 5, 2010.

  1. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Initial stats:

    [table="head"]Class|HP|MP|STR|VIT|INT|SPR|Max Weight|MP regen|Mspd|Aspd|Cspd|Hit Rec.|Jump Power|Jump Speed|Weight|Resistances
    Slayer|180|140|7|7|4|4|40 kg|50|85.0%|85.0%|70.0%|600|430|95|68|+20 dark -20 light
    Fighter|200|120|7|7|4|4|36 kg|50|91.0%|95.0%|100.0%|600|470|110|50|+20 light -20 dark
    Gunner|160|160|6|6|5|5|33 kg|50|82.0%|95.0%|80.0%|600|490|80|60
    F Gun|150|170|6|6|5|5|33 kg|50|85.0%|95.0%|80.0%|550|440|80|48
    Mage|120|200|4|4|7|7|28 kg|80|80.0%|100.0%|100.0%|500|350|55|40
    Priest|220|100|6|6|4|6|40 kg|50|75.0%|95.0%|100.0%|500|500|100|85

    Gain per-level:

    [table="head;width=75%"]Class|HP|MP|STR|VIT|INT|SPR|Max Weight|MP regen|Hit Rec.|Other
    Slayer|45|25|3.3|3.3|2.7|2.7|0.3 kg|2.5|1.5
    Weapon Master|50|20|3.5|3.5|2.5|2.5|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    Soul Bender|40|30|2|2|4|4|0.3 kg|5|1
    Berserker|55|15|4|4|2|2|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    Asura|45|25|3|3|3|3|0.3 kg|4|2
    Fighter|50|20|3.5|3.5|2.5|2.5|0.27 kg|2.5|1.5
    Striker|52.5|17.5|4|4|2|2|0.27 kg|3|3
    Nen Master|40|30|2|2|4|4|0.27 kg|5|1
    Brawl|47.5|22.5|3.5|2.5|2.5|2.5|0.27 kg|3.5|2
    Grappler|47.5|22.5|3.5|2.5|3.5|2.5|0.27 kg|3.5|2
    Dervish|55|15|3.5|4.5|2|2|0.27 kg|3|3
    Gunner|40|30|3|3|3|3|0.3 kg|2.5|1
    Ranger|47.5|22.5|4|4|2|2|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    Launcher|45|25|4|4|2|2|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    Mechanic|35|35|2|2|4|4|0.3 kg|5|1
    Spitfire|40|30|3.2|2.8|3.2|2.8|0.3 kg|3|2
    F Gunner|37.5|32.5|3|3|3|3|0.3 kg|2.5|1
    F Ranger|45|25|4|4|2|2|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    F Launcher|42.5|27.5|4|4|2|2|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    F Mech|32.5|37.5|2|2|4|4|0.3 kg|5|1
    F Spitfire|37.5|32.5|3.2|2.8|3.2|2.8|0.3 kg|3|2
    Mage|35|35|2.5|2.5|3.5|3.5|0.25 kg|4|1
    Element|30|40|2|2|4|4|0.25 kg|5|1
    Summoner|32.5|37.5|2.3|2.2|3.8|3.7|0.25 kg|5|1
    Battle Mage|40|30|3.5|2.5|3.5|2.5|0.25 kg|4|3
    Witch|35|35|3|2.5|3.7|2.8|0.25 kg|5|2
    Sorceress|35|35|2.5|2.5|3.5|3.5|0.25 kg|5|2
    Priest|50|20|3.2|3.3|2.5|3|0.3 kg|2.5|2
    Crusader|55|15|2|4|2|4|0.3 kg|2.5|2|+0.1% cspd
    Monk|50|20|3.7|3.5|2.4|2.4|0.3 kg|2.5|2|+0.1% aspd
    Exorcist|40|30|3.5|2.5|3.5|2.5|0.3 kg|5|1|+0.1% cspd
    Avenger|45|25|3.8|2.2|3.8|2.2|0.3 kg|2.5|2|+0.1% mspd
  2. Rawrrr Bitch.

    I'm assuming these don't apply to DnF?
  3. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    From what I understand, DnF did all kinds of changes with Second Impact, so yeah, they probably don't apply to DnF.
  4. Infection Cool story, bro

    Ahh, Priests and Slayers are the best mule classes. :x
    Why not Gunners? I guess they need to be light enough to move fast.
  5. RawrBomb New Member

    My guess is that Slayers and Priests are the only ones whose default armor is heavy armor, so naturally they need higher weight capacity. This should then mean Fightesr have the 3rd highest weight capacity due to Light Armor, with Gunners 4th because of Leather, and Mages dead last because of Cloth. From the stats growth, this is true for Fighters and Gunners at first, but with enough levels Gunners will be 3rd for highest weight capacity with that 0.3/level soon outpaces the 0.27 of the Fighter.
  6. Archie Mexocan

    Needs moar spoilers

    So people don't need to scroll down so much to look something up
  7. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    I have just confirmed that the stats I originally posted are still valid today. That means grapplers and witches are the only classes to change stat growth after awakening. Priests still do not have awakening stats.
  8. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Tabled by Archie.
  9. Hiroshi dat smirk

    It was mentioned some time ago, but it's worth noting that the MP Regen is still messed up. The values are much higher than they should be, my Asura and Mech (didn't look it up on my other chars) both have less MP Regen than they should have according to the chart.
  10. Archie Mexocan

    Well, all that the charts gave us was a number without a unit of measure over time. A MP regeneration stat of 50 could mean anything, 50 MP per minute, or 50 MP per second... who knows? The unit of time is probably something stupid and random like MP/min-and-a-half.
  11. Thuvian Member

    It might be the time unit causing this. I have seen time calculated in "tick" units rather than seconds. If a "tick" isn't the same as a second, then you will get variance. We need to collect data on mana regeneration.

    Also, the first table should be labeled with: Initial Stats, the second with: Gains per level.

    Lastly, props to Archie for the nice work.
  12. Hiroshi dat smirk

    Still somewhat strange. Just leveled a Gunner to Lv 5 and his MP Reg was 30 -> 30 -> 33 -> 33 -> 36... which doesn't make sense even if you round down (which the game seems to do for other stats). So either the ingame status window is messed up, the actual increase of MP Reg is not even, or... I dunno. =| If the MP Regen at uneven levels is to be believed, you just need to multiply 0,6 from the calculated value to get the actual MP Regen per minute, or in other words the MP Regen data in the chart is MP Regen per 100 seconds. Can anyone confirm this? 1 am here and I still need to do my Physics assignments, lol.
  13. BMLover Must Lurk More

    Normal classes start with 30 and get 3 every odd level without adjustments, I refer to this as the "normal class" value table. I forget the formula for the "magic" classes pre-2nd impact, but the japanese wiki has (some of) it. Speaking of which, all the stat level up values in the OP are the same in Korea as well (I can confirm this, even grappler remains unchanged with the extra int per level until awakening...).

    What's different in Korea is they actually messed with the MP regen for "magic" classes a few months AFTER 2nd impact. I know that SB/Nen/Mech and all mages except battlemages (including the base mage), use the same unified table, while the rest use the old "normal class" value table (30/3 every odd level). Mages specifically also get a 18 initial boost, all others still start with 30 (including female gunners). A while ago I tried to test and level a mage to make sense of the new Korean table, but couldn't. See if you can (remember, in 2nd impact every 250 spirit == 100% extra regen).

    Mage KDNF MP Regen:
  14. RawrBomb New Member

    Both gunners have the exact same attack speed? What. What happened to F. Gunners having 10% more attack speed?
  15. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    I am not aware of that ever having been the case. Anyway, the stats in the table may not be the only factors.
  16. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    It's probably that fgunner skills are faster.
  17. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    That would be armor mastery, not base stats.
  18. Gloomy dicks

    >doesn't have a 1920x1200 monitor
  19. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    I've been doing stuff with the equipment files lately. For all 5 or so of the equips that I tested, you need to multiply the mp regen number in the data by 3 to get the mp/min that the game displays for the equip. MP regen is definitely a little strange...
  20. RawrBomb New Member

    Not armor mastery as far as I remembered. People were claming if you had say a male ranger and a female ranger, and both attacked at the same time, the female ranger would fire off shots faster.

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