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Where's Dom when you need him? owait

Discussion in 'Srz Bsns - Talk Fashion ITT' started by FenixStryk, May 30, 2010.

  1. FenixStryk Member

  2. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Greg & Fenix > Co-existing

    I wouldve posted in it a second time but its a pain to remake accounts and I need to check marketplace lol
  3. Soushin The Novice

    I'll take part of the blame.

    I kinda encouraged saccharin to do it when she told me that she was planning to.
  4. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I love it
  5. Fellhound Regret

    Would this be classified as mob abuse?
  6. Ring "...that's my role."

    lulululul I wonder if sacc will get banned ... "vaginas are OP"
  7. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Yet your banned too. Mods can ban mods...wut?
  8. Ring "...that's my role."

    I got your license plates

    @blanix he resigned a while ago .... -facepalm-
  9. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    There's no blame to be had on anyone, we all kinda knew it would happen when people started becoming mods here, and these are just forums on the internet all in all its not that big a deal(imo at least).

    Lol, help me make that into a type of meme D:

    vaginas so OP :<
  10. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    double post my bad
  11. Ring "...that's my role."

  12. Ring "...that's my role."

  13. Ring "...that's my role."

  14. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    I wouldnt do that if I were you Ring, SSA is srs fckin bsns.
  15. Rawrrr Bitch.

    It's a Z.

    How many people has sacc got so far?
  16. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Original by your husbando was Srs

    and I think like 15 ppl, its been up since like last night
  17. Thrash Seek and Destroy

    I honestly thought I wouldn't get banned. Oh well. Watch out you guys, saccharin doesn't fool around (although I'd like to see what would happen if Dom or David posted in that thread)
  18. Karinaaa :3 ( ` 3`)~♥chuu

    Vaginas are fucking broken. Too strong.
  19. Ring "...that's my role."

    I heard your striker's awakening is called " World's Strongest Vagina" and it hits harder than MasPan's lulwhale

    This thread was only "mother nature's fault"
  20. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Thus why there are trap cards in yu-gi-oh.

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